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secureaplus review add giveaway bonus policy

SecureAPlus Review and Giveaway [With Bonus Policy Add-On]
[Image: xnaIQSa.png?1]

SecureAPlus is a unique Windows PC security solution that combines SecureAge Technology’s powerful Application Whitelisting technology with 10+ Anti-Virus engines in the cloud. It is a free cloud antivirus, anti-malware and application control software that diagnoses threats with 12 cloud anti-virus engines in real-time. It provides the most accurate diagnosis to detect potential threats without slowing down your PC. The program has multiple layers of defense through its powerful Whitelisting feature. You will stay safe online by protecting computers and laptops from harmful digital threats such as ransomware, malware, and virus. The offline antivirus included will increase your security. It is the best security software for you


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System Requirements:

• Processor: 2 GHz Pentium 4 or higher
• RAM: 1GB or more
• Free Disc Space: 300 MB or more
•Supported Operating Systems: the program is working on any windows version from windows XP to windows 10 both 32 and 64 bit.


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You can also try the Premium Trial for 90 days before purchasing it.   

More Than Just a Free Anti-Virus:

Combine multiple layers of defense that goes beyond the standard virus protection and malware removal.

Download SecureAPlus and enjoy the following:

[Image: CYn9z80.png]

User Interface:

[Image: dIMeZqT.jpg]

What are the Key Features that make SecureAPlus the best security solution for you?

Universal AV: 12 Engines in one
Fast Full System Scans
Real Time Protection
Automatic scans and Updates
Powerful on demand scanner
Easy application control and whitelisting 
Stopping all untrusted processes when you launch it
Application Whitelisting prompts in interactive mode require your input to block or launch a new untrusted application
Virus Total integration to check the results against its databases
Full offline functionality
Optional offline antivirus to keep you secure when internet is not available
Email support
Capable of working alongside other antimalware, antivirus or other security apps like firewalls & sandboxing.

New features in the current version:

Check minimum screen resolution before showing SecureAPlusUI.exe.
Backup license code before uninstallation.
Reuse the same license code when reinstall.
Include small .iso file as UAV sample file for upload.
Include .lnk extension as UAV sample file for upload.
Clicked on the number of infected files in the UAV Status dialog, will show the detail of infected files.
Clicked on the number of ignored files in the UAV dialog, will show the detail of ignored files.

Full Changelog here:

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SecureAPlus is an Essential Companion to Your Favorite Anti Malware, Anti Virus, Anti Spyware, and More

[Image: tASYkgk.png]

It works and plays well with others by keeping its antivirus engines in the cloud. This make it inherently fast to download and install even on older machines. It also lets it work alongside other antimalware and antivirus software, or even other security apps like firewalls and sandboxing.

Premium Features: 

You can manage the security of multiple computers, real time infection updates and more

Protect more than one PC at a time?


Check the device security status of multiple PCs by simply logging into the SecureAPlus Account Portal. The list will show whether a PC with SecureAPlus Premium is safe or infected – perfect for securing computers at home and at work.


Whether you’re a parent preventing installation of malicious programs on your child’s account, or a System Administrator who needs to approve an installation of a new program, SecureAPlus lets you do so anytime and anywhere from the convenience of the online portal via the Policy Control Add-On.


Immediately get notified via Email Alerts if one of your SecureAPlus Premium PCs are infected by a virus or malware. This effectively gives the proper mindset and a head start in securing the infected PC the next time you boot it up.


Whether you lost your laptop or simply want to keen an eye of where your devices go and are used, Premium users can choose to turn on the Location tracking premium feature to get the last known IP address used to connect to Universal AV


Get quicker results from universal AV  scanners:

SecureAPlus Premium Users scan requests are prioritized to help users decide whether to trust, block, quarantine, or delete an untrusted file.

Get quick support:
When premium users need help, they’re requests are served with higher priority. While Freemium Users are free to ask for help, those are served after all premium requests have been responded to.


[Image: knvjFyj.png]
[Image: IfnKRKa.png]

How many PCs you can monitor with SecureAPlus Premium?

Unlimited, as long as have an active premium license and are tied to your SecureAPlus Portal account.

[Image: M5FsSHM.png]

Why SecureAPlus is better and safer than simply using an Anti-Virus?

It offers many features not available in antivirus solutions. By using a block first approach, all new and untrusted processes do not start without your permission, essentially stopping Zero Day Threats even if no anti-virus has detected it as a threat yet. It also used many antivirus engines in the cloud with no slow down of your computer. You have an option to install offline antivirus if you wish. In addition; SecureAPlus application whitelisting works perfectly fine alongside any other offline antivirus solution.

[Image: PZK5mfN.png]

SecureAPlus Whitelisting:

This feature further enhances the antivirus scanning with trusted protection. If an application is not on the whitelist, the program will prevent it from running on your system till you approve it and add to whitelist. You will not have to manually define the whitelist but the program will automatically create it for you at the end of the initial full system scan. 

[Image: D54PHtH.png]

It has 3 main functions:

Automatically create an Application Whitelist from the User’s existing system
Effectively block all untrusted applications and scripts from running freely and potentially harm a PC
Easily update and maintain the Application Whitelist

[Image: BgfEkmy.jpg]

Whitelisting has three modes of working; interactive, lockdown and trust all

[Image: M5WXV0n.png]

Powerful Ransomware Protection:

Dangerous ransomware runs in the background and begins its silent damaging process of encrypting every file and folder on your PC, effectively locking out the user from valuable data. Having Application Whitelisting and Control prevents Ransomware from encrypting any file or drive inside a Windows PC without getting unblocked by the user.

[Image: Ps1A61F.png]

Perfect Detection:

Potential threats are scrutinized by Universal AV’s 10+ Anti-Virus engines and are further reinforced by integrating the 2nd opinion engines’ extensive threat library.

[Image: ileqJGH.png]

Maximum Compatibility with Any Security Solution:

The core Application Whitelisting is totally independent from SecureAPlus’ anti-virus and cloud components. This means that you can rest assured that your machine remain protected when offline and that it works with other security solutions like Anti-Viruses, Anti-Malware, Firewall and more!

Endpoint security:

Application Whitelisting is the next generation of endpoint security as it stops malware, whether fresh or known, from executing. This renders them ineffective and the perfect defensive measure against Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).


[Image: 0iMYbQp.png]

Universal AV allows SecureAPlus to combine the detection rates of up to 12 industry standard cloud Antivirus engines – enabling detections to be diagnosed from multiple trusted sources instead of just one.

This substantially lessens the instance of accidentally deleting or quarantining a perfectly safe file, otherwise known as a false positive.

More than 10 antivirus engines are active all the time to protect against virus and malware without consuming a lot of your computer’s resources. This is made possible by leveraging the power of the cloud to make SecureAPlus as fast and as light as it is potent.

Features:  You will enjoy:

Fast full scans
Automatic scans and updates
Powerful on demand scanners
You will be able to select custom locations to be scanned
You can specify the antivirus solutions you prefer to use

[Image: 7Sx5UrO.png]

Now let me ask why you must have Universal AV?

Universal AV lets users combine more than 10 antivirus engines in a simple and straightforward solution
Second Opinion Scanner:  When Universal AV detects threats, it incorporates data from multiple engines and present them to the user to make an informed decision, instead of immediately deleting a potentially harmless file.

Ransomware Protection:

Ransomware protection is the right of every PC user. No matter what type of user you may be, nobody deserves to have their files locked out in exchange for money. SecureAPlus offers you good protection against Ransomware with up to 12 cloud antivirus engines using Universal AV and application whitelisting which simply blocks anything and everything that is not trusted by the user.

[Image: wlgMmt9.png]

Fileless Malware Protection:

Cyberthreats are getting better by the day with nigh-undetectable attacks that leave traditional signature-based protection powerless. Using ScureAPlus; you will not get left behind by the times and protect against fileless malware today.

The program will offer you protection against the most rampant fileless attacks with the buit-in Command Line Scanner

The Command Line Scanner adds an advanced layer of application whitelisting to an already secure setup provided by SecureAPlus.

Common fileless attack vectors such as Powershell and the Windows Registry are covered and is further expanded against emerging threats with support for future updates.

Premium Add-Ons:

You can easily augment the premium protection with many available add-ons. The Policy Add-On is meant for use in large deployments of SecureAPlus where diverse security settings are needed on different devices. This is usually the case for enterprise users who need to update and maintain security settings of devices in larger volumes.

[Image: luyJ2mF.png?1]

Full details about this feature is found here:

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Upgrade Your Offline Protection with the Avira Add-On:

[Image: Ls01a3b.png?1]

This will offer you a very good offline protection with reasonable low price

Avira is AV Comparative’s winner for 2016 Product of the Year and AVTest’s Top Product with its scanning engine technology garnering numerous awards in various categories.

[Image: JAmB5Rg.png?1]


Get a faster diagnosis from Avira alongside the Universal AV 10+ cloud antivirus engines for real-time and on-demand scans of Windows PC.

Allow or block untrusted files with further confidence by pairing the powerful Application Whitelisting with direct results from Avira’s reliable scanning engine.

Application settings:

These include 4 main parts; Universal AV, Scan settings, Whitelisting and Others 

Thanks to SecureAPlus Team for  sponsoring 14 Licenses of SecureAPlus for our users

Each license is valid for 2 years with licenses are valid for 2 device activations and have the Policy Add-On included, so winners can manage the security for multiple devices. Each license worth $68.00

The Giveaway ends on January 25, 2018


1. You need to have 3 posts on any other forum section (outside giveaway section)

2. Reply Here why you want to win a license for SecureAPlus [Few Sentenses]

3. Share the giveaway on your social media or other forums and post the share link with your review

4. [Optional] Subscribe to our newsletter and social media accounts and never miss any of our forum news

5. PM me with 2 days of winners announcement to claim your license

Good Luck for ALL!
Giveaway Details will be added soon, stay tuned
Thanks for the giveaway.

I want to win a license of SecureAPlus because this is the most advanced security software available on the market; I like the free cloud AV scan, the fact that it use more than 10Avs engines plus a second opinion scanner, the ransomware protection (today is essential because ransomwares can create serious damages), the possibility to choose the most suitable license for anyone, so if you want extra protection you can pay, otherwise you can use free for basic protection, and the software doesn't cost too much as other security solutions.

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Thanks for the great Giveaway!

I want to win the program license because a huge plus of the program is the white list of trusted programs, lightness for computer resources, compatibility with other security software and many scanning engines.

Show ContentThanks for the great Giveaway!:
Thanks for the giveaway, tarekma7 and thanks to SecureA team for supporting such a good giveaway.
I want to win a license key for SecureAPlus Premium + Add-on as i plan on switching my current AV protection to this innovative cloud solution being attracted to the idea that many concurrent AV engines (Universal AV) are gonna protect my PC. I like the interface of this software as well the fact that i connect an unlimited number of PCs to my account protecting all of them.

Count me in for this draw, please.
My share below:
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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
I want to win licenses for this program because it is a great program to protect the system against various viruses
it has additionally anti-virus settings as well as the program works well with other installed anti-viruses.
and besides, I plan to change the security of my system with this program that has great innovative technologies.
thanks for the concession on this program and the opportunity to win it as you like by installing it and securing your system with this great program.
Thanks for the giveaway.
I want to win SecureAPlus because I had the experience of using this antivirus application and it seemed to me relatively functional with lots of settings. 

I want to additionally use SecureAPlus Premium together with the main antivirus because it is compatible with other antivirus programs and provides an additional level of security using white list of applications with cloud testing and ClamAV to protect your computer from known and unknown threats.

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You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login to view.
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Thank you for this opportunity.

I would like to win a license because it has an additional security layer on-top of the already existing modules, which scans any suspicious files with multiple antimalware engines. And moreover when threats are detected, it incorporates data from multiple engines and presents them to the user to make a decision, instead of immediately deleting a potentially harmless file.

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I want to win a key, because I love the whitelist feature, very light on our old PC's, compatibility with other security software and many scanning engines plus I'd like to put it on my family's PC cause they are often getting infected and I believe in this program's security against malware.
Thanks for the giveaway

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Thanks a lot for the giveaway! 
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I like a lot this software, i`m currently using the free version and its lightness, efficiency and reliability made me enter this giveaway for the Premium version which has more important and needed features like: location tracking and priority scanning.

Count me in for this please.


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