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Paid Android Games Giveaway
All PAID Android Games that are offered as a giveaway (FREE) for a limited time will be posted here

This will be easier for our members to follow the topic daily

The latest A.I. Yuriko Satomi makes use of Dialogflow (API.AI) to enhance your experience to unsuspected levels! Enjoy! Now including A.I.M.L. enhancements!

Future updates will include features such as Voice Recognition and Speech!

A work in progress!

Hackers Master Game Premium


Hack the planet! Welcome to the Hackers Master O.S.! A realistic hacking game!
Multiplication by Heart

[Image: VVwmsp7ToJ82OEq44QGLiyIG9SXbYk1pKJe5CcTj...kM=w300-rw]

Hi, u can practice Full Desktop English Version here... Thnx

Learn efficiently and quickly multiplication tables while having fun is what I sought to create in this application.

By means of a game principle that links finger numbers between them so that they are added to achieve the result of the requested multiplication.

The multiplication tables can be read and understood in their entirety.

It works. It is playful fun and much less demotivating than the traditional methods of applications that are content to offer a choice of 3 results for each question.

The multiplications are spoken verbatim and the results even when they are achieved.

After a certain number of correct answers, the student is allowed to play and play the main game, with the series of fun design numbers that correspond to the revised multiplication table.

To change series of figures the player must go through a revision / learning phase and become again for a series of revisions, pupil.

No penalty to discourage, and ultimately a very fun game that must change the scores and the number of digits.
Dead Bunker 3: On a Surface

[Image: 60NbX1k.png]

Quote:I didn’t expect that the mission which at first seemed so simple would turn into such a terror. Who could imagine that in this bunker there would be such creatures? The mutants resulted from an experiment which suddenly came out of control and led to irreparable consequences for everybody who was here.

I found all developments of the laboratory at lower levels of the bunker but now I’m facing a hard way to the surface. The main task is to get out of the bunker staying alive and not to become a living dead.
Dead Bunker II HD

[Image: kZkNRR7.png]

Quote:In this game you are going to be a mercenary who does every work he sees! To risk your life - this is what your job is, as long as they pay for that well!

After the phone call of your old friend who served together with you in special forces, you'll need to do a task... A company dealing with some biological developments offered good money for a job that, at first, seems to be easy. To find documents in one of the secret laboratories of the former competitors. Why not? And the wage is fair!
Math Smash Animal Rescue

[Image: hltIv2P9_4rYYhqSPLmFFIav_XNhQS7AeCqp-wEi...Xw=h310-rw]

Use your math skills to smash blocks and rescue critters trapped in 5 unique worlds. You'll get coins for answering math questions correctly, and you can use these coins to buy special power-ups to smash your way through levels even faster.

Start the game by hitting play, then select the grade of math skill you want to practice. Afterwards read the question and then click on any block that has the correct answer.

If you answer correctly, all the connected blocks of the same type will be removed, and you'll get combo coins! Use these coins to buy special powers to clear levels even faster. Make sure you answer carefully, because you've only got a set amount of turns per level!
Survival Island: Evolve Pro!

[Image: 28bFc3RxxixGCc9qQZldKU3DJbhUEls5VnmDlkcz...QM=h310-rw]

You don’t remember how you got to this island,but now you’re stranded in the wild. Surviving here will be nosimple task. First you’ll need to find food, craft some primitivetools, and build a shelter. Think you have what it takes? Yoursurvival adventure is about to begin…

Game features:
*Explore the wilderness!
*Build your house from the ground up!
*Utilize an extensive crafting system with tons of recipes!
*Meet the island fauna!
*Island survival sandbox simulator.
Felinia's World

[Image: beiQwbSe7EMkj41WThbWOR2wLwOEQJTXo6-utr2z...PA=h310-rw]

Beschreibung mit Google Übersetzer in Deutsch übersetzen?

Felinia and Ribosio are cooking a special pizza that gets alive and became the queen of pizzas, she kidnap Ribosio to cook it well into a Kebab oven, but Felinia with her nine lives will cross five amazing worlds rich of food to rescue him and bring it back home. She will battle with food enemies in this crazy world using her cats as only weapon to crush troops of food enemy and special tools that give her super powers like super jump or turbo run.

Play 5 incredible worlds with rich detailed graphics environment and arcade gameplay engine, mind breaking puzzles, course tracking, strategy levels, great theme music, amazing battle, spectacular food design and rich detailed cartoon graphics, where Felinia will pass all the crazy traps and tricks, collecting score coins to unlock the final Kitchen level to rescue her friend.

• Interactive touch control for tool, run, jump, cat shoot, super jump, turbo run super speed and super vision with the magic eye view gadget
• 5 Levels each with unique game design and original graphics with food theme, Food Land forest, Sea Food water river, Dark Roast creek, Sweet Fantasy farm and the Hell Kitchen to the final battle.
• 25 Scenes for each level with progressive difficulty, strategy and puzzling, great dynamic gameplay challenge and realistic gravity physics
• Use springs to jump across rivers, holes, pools, poles, puddles, caramel, houses, cracks, boats, trees, barrels, rocks, ice cream, sweets, salad, spoons, soups, candies, cliffs and automatic springs to jump across scenes
• Extremely funny battles with cat against living food
• Use chocolate to boost performance and cats to fight sausages, parmesan and several pizza enemies
• Complex game sequences for a mind breaking strategy to unleash your creative gameplay genius
• Funny dance sequences upon completion of each world with Felinia dancing with cats
• Collect coins to access the kitchen, fight the queen and rescue Ribosio
• Use the magic well to collect infinite coins
Animals Memory Game PRO

[Image: 76cYtdvHLArR2xTUYl-T7-srQNE57EO-Anw-PDyn...JA=h310-rw]

Download the "Animals : Brain Training & Memory Games for Free" game today to give your brain an exciting daily workout and to challenge your cognitive abilities. This memory game can be useful for children, students and even for adults .

The game "Animals : Brain Training & Memory Games for Free" - find a pair of identical pictures, among the many different images that filled the playing field. Train your memory and watchfulness in this Android game, which will appeal to both adults and children. Try to match the pairs of pictures on the playing field by making as few steps as possible. Set your records and surprise your friends.

The game "Animals : Brain Training & Memory Games for Free" - designed to train memory and attention. 

At the beginning of the game, all the cards will be reversed with a drawing down. Touch one of the cards and remember the picture on it. When making the next move, try to find and turn the map with the same picture as on the previous map. If the images on both game cards match, they disappear, and you can move on to the next pair. Otherwise, both cards will roll over. Try to find all the matching cards for the least amount you click.

--- Features: ---

* 6 levels
* Develops children's observation, attentiveness
* Training of visual memory
* Highscores table

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