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PAID Android Apps Giveaway
All PAID Android Apps that are offered as a giveaway (FREE) for a limited time will be posted here

This will be easier for our members to follow the topic daily
Gizmoot für SA-NS300

[Image: BaHxoNYK3pOEiaKOdyH6RhjoOoKBeoYAq4CAVTfn...-g=w300-rw]

Gizmoot turns your smart phone/tablet intoaremote control for playing music, podcasts and radio onSonySA-NS300 players connected to the same home WiFi network.

Browse or search media on your smart phone/tablet, UPnP AVmediaserver or from the internet and then play them on playersfound byGizmoot on your WiFi network.

Run Gizmoot before switching on the SA-NS300 to ensure thatGizmootdiscovers the SA-NS300
Fractions Scroll Gravity Lever

[Image: g_wOlpWJ7bnjUplE4LfvJcAcsGKf1jt7hU8CUWml...KQ=h310-rw]

Fractions Scroll Gravity Lever

Sorted Fractions
Explore Fractions, Scrolling Irreductible Fractions.
Allows to use the Device's Gravity Sensors.
(Acceleration Sensors) 

Scroll Horizontal: Swipe: From (1/n to n/1)
Scroll Vertical: Swipe: n from 4 to 80 (Maximum recommended 50)
Tool to explore sorted fractions.
Show fraction, Pie shape, squared Graph, Slope, Decimal with decimal mark.

The Standalone Fulcrum of the MathCats Balance.

Use this standalone fulcrum in a physical balance.
Solution: next year: (2018)
Matrix Determinante Pro

[Image: IVdr3bUOBuAU2zNh_2F5eYqGSFudqEKcqwNjQObS...A2=h310-rw]

This app is the pro version of"MatrixDeterminant Calculator", completely withoutadvertisement!

This app is a math calculator, which is able to calculatethedeterminant of a matrix. The determinants of following matricesareavailable:

- 2x2 matrices
- 3x3 matrices
- 4x4 matrices
- 5x5 matrices
- nxn matrices (with more than 5 rows and columns)

Best math tool for school and college! If you are a student, itwillhelps you to learn linear algebra!
Stock Profit (Paid)

[Image: g6rozXX4OArK_E0gcdsq3dRHum34OZ0TotKc3QHA...6g=h310-rw]

Want to quickly calculate stock profits? 
Do you want to strictly stop the loss?

Now the application can meet your needs!

(1) Suitable for worldwide stock units profit spreadsheet.
(2) Calculate the shareholding: total cost, total market capitalization, year cumulative increase, return rate, target price, profit and loss.
(3) Archive: Stock Name, Number, early price, purchase price, the current price.
(4) Summary Report.

(1) Total cost = cost x number
(2) Total market value = current price x number
(3) Years of cumulative increase = current price / early price
(4) Remuneration rate = (total market capitalization / total costs) - 100%
(5) Target price (+- 5% to +- 50%) = purchase price x (1.05/0.95 ~ 1.5/0.5)
(6) Profit and loss = (current prices - cost) x number
(7) Only spreadsheet, non-update data networking capabilities.
A syllable dictionary

[Image: NSWvqOL.png]

Quote:Syllable By Syllable Pronunciation dictionary for EFL

Syllable By Syllable Pronunciation dictionary for EFL Description
- Kids phonics dictionary has 2,900+ words and every syllable sound.
- You can listen to each clear and exact syllable sound in the word
- Kids phonics dictionary is for basic English learners.
- We recommend this dictionary to EFL teachers and beginners
8G Browser Pro : Small Fast & Offline

[Image: MPjFB3DiHpIB6C9BEVkngMYE9l8iY6P2wOYMctfu...Mw=h310-rw]

8G Browser pro & Offline - A Browser For World The One And only one Browser With Super Adblocker and Size less than 700 kb

A browser with high class speed.

Features You Get 

★ Super Fast
★ Tiny Size-less than 700 Kb
★ Powerful Ad-Block
★ Intelligent Search
★ Offline Reading
★ Few background permission requests
★ Night Mode
★ No Tracking & No Ads
★Many Extraordinary Tools
★Premium Features You Get Only here.
Clean up - Photographic Coach for Kids

[Image: ExQeyutkJX-dHPeBdcxo38uZBUUUQTowfOOMwpaq...1I=h310-rw]

Do you hate discussions when it comes to thetopic of cleaning? Because children perceive mess differently, theyfeel treated unfairly and are frustrated themselves.
Wouldn’t it be nice to have a little tool that shows children,whether their rooms are okay or not? And that shows them, at whichplaces they need to clean better? That is why we developed the RoomCheck for Kids. The Room Check brings a breath of fresh air to thesubject of cleaning. Thanks to latest image processing technology,it measures the tidiness in the room and displays the result on ascale from 0 (perfectly tidy) to 10 (chaos). Since its judgement isobjective and impartial, it stops the usual discussions – is theroom tidy enough now or not?!
New : By pressing the light bulb button, the app illuminates theplaces which are particularly untidy. So the child knows, where tostart cleaning.
The operation is easy, even for a six year old. Initially apicture of the room in a good tidy state is taken (desired statepicture). Then, whenever desired, the degree of tidiness can beeasily determined. It is sufficient to hold the device towards theroom for a moment. The app recognizes the correspondence with thefirst picture automatically, even if the second picture does notprecisely match the first one.
The app can also be seen as a complement to traditional cleaninggames - the practical part of the game, so to speak.
•Up to 10 rooms can be covered simultaneously.
•No advertising.
•No internet connection needed
Discover Maui - Travel Guide to Best of Maui

[Image: A_wRLQdCidgYT2qxjW2i6WDWVP-qvmMxdiY94L0v...5U=h310-rw]

Get the most out of your Maui vacation! We have hand-selected only the best that our island has to offer. Explore breathtaking locations, visit historic towns, relax on beautiful beaches, and eat like a local! 

• “YELP SIMPLIFIED!! - made planning our family's first trip to Maui so much easier!”
• “Great guide that shows me the lesser known places I would have missed.”
• “So easy to use and beautifully designed.”

• Explore breathtaking sights all over Maui
• Visit beautiful beaches great for both relaxation and play
• Dine at amazing restaurants loved by locals and visitors
• Experience unforgettable adventures on land and at sea
• Discover where to shop for great souvenirs and island-made crafts

• Quick access to important info for each location
• Local tips to help you make the most out of your visit
• Get notified about local events and festivities while you are in town
• Instant directions back to your hotel when you are ready to call it a day
• Bookmark and get directions to your favorite spots

Unlike other apps that make you pay additional for content, you will get full access to all our content instantly.
File Manager: Folder Shortcuts [PRO]

[Image: uCKgtra93VYOZoe3ix7etMeoKiMpWsom89B-_nKy...94=h310-rw]

File Manager helps you manage all your files efficiently! With an intuitive interface, File Manager allows you to handle any file or folder whether they are stored in your device or microSD card.
With File Manager you can easily copy, move, rename, delete, find, share, explore, and otherwise organize all of your files on any of your storage.


Highlights of File Manager
☆ Fully featured: Cut, copy, paste, delete, add favorite, search and more.
☆ Home screen shortcuts: Create shortcuts of any folder or file in Home screen.
☆ Favorite Folders: Add any folders or files to favorite list for easy access.
☆ Super convenient: View files by type (image, audio, video, download etc.).
☆ File's default application indicator: Indicates the default app used to open a file.
☆ No ads.

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