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19 00 xyplorer

bazirollUpdate XYplorer Released!
XYplorer 20.90.0700:

Changes in 20.90.0700:
-Maintenance release.
-Minor bug fixes and enhancements


What’s New

XYplorer is continuously enhanced and updated, and a new version is released every one or two months, sometimes even faster. There are also occasional Maintenance Releases with minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Below you find the highlights of the recent and previous releases.
Maintenance Release 20.90.0800

released 25-Jul-2020

    Minor bug fixes and enhancements.          Package Installer Package
Edition XYplorer Pro
Version 20.90.0800 (25-Jul-2020)  File ZIP archive (4.3 MB)
Notes Includes installer and uninstaller.  Installer Version:                 
Alternative Packages (ZIP and RAR)

If you prefer to extract the program files manually, choose one of the following packages:
Package No-Install Package (ZIP)
Edition XYplorer Pro
Version 20.90.0800 (25-Jul-2020)
File ZIP archive (5.0 MB)
Notes Extract to any writable folder and run the application.
Portable Version             XYplorer 20.90.0800     &   Portable XYplorer 20.90.0800   Was   100% Scanned Malware Free & Clean With Bitdefender Total Security 2021  & Hitman Pro 3.8.18 &  Contains 

  No Malware, No Adware, No PUPs,  No Viruses, No Worms,  No Trojans,  No Ransomware,  No Rootkits,  No Spyware.    Digital Signature ( Cologne Code Company e.K. )
XYplorer 21.40.0000

Changes in XYplorer 21.40.0000 (2020-12-23):
  • Custom Event Actions. A major new feature that provides you with an easy to use yet powerful usability booster. For example, you now can freely decide what should happen when a folder is middle-clicked, or when the status bar is double-clicked, and so on. It can be simple things like “Open in new background tab” or “Go up”, but it can also be much more. If you know a bit about scripting, Custom Event Actions can be a real game changer. And if you don’t you now have a good reason to learn it.
  • Sorting the Folder Contents Preview. Now you can control the sort order in the Folder Contents Preview, which also includes the Hover Box on folders. Quite likely you want to see the recent files on top. Now you can.
  • Shorten Filenames. Finally the app offers a way to shorten the names of a whole bunch of files. You can cut them down from both ends.
  • Compilation Soundtrack. Compiled to the music of

DOWNLOAD System Mechanic Standard Trial
DOWNLOAD System Mechanic Professional Trial
XYplorer 21.40.0100

  • v21.40.0100 :: +++ Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Download Installer:
Download Portable:
XYplorer 21.50.0000

What’s New in 21.50?
released 15-Jan-2021
  • Hover Box Scrolling. Now you can keyboard-scroll and wheel-scroll the Folder Contents Preview, the Zip Contents Preview, and the Text Preview. You won’t get this degree of interface coolness anywhere else.
  • Hover Box for Tabs. Now you can show a Hover Box with Folder Contents Preview for any tab simply by hovering the tab header icon. Saves you a click if you just want to quickly see what’s in the tab, or what has recently arrived in the tab. Even works for Paper Folders.
  • Custom Copy with Free Space Status. Now the progress dialog shows the amount of used and free space on the target drive in real time, graphically and in numbers. Just gives you that soothing feeling that comes from knowing the consequences of your actions.
  • Shorten Filenames. Now you can shorten the names of a whole bunch of files by cutting off a certain number of characters from the right end of the base name.
  • Compilation Soundtrack. Compiled to the music of The Hi-Jivers.

DOWNLOAD XYplorer Trial
DOWNLOAD XYplorer Portable
XYplorer 21.60.0000

Changes in XYplorer 21.60.0000 (2021-03-15):
  • Hover Box Wheel Scaling. Now the mouse wheel can scale images and PDF previews while the Hover Box (a zero-click preview that pops up by merely hovering the filename) is shown. So natural and so useful.
  • Mouse Down Blow Up Zoomed. Ready for another game changer? Mouse Down Blow Up (a large preview that pops up on mouse down on a thumbnail or icon) now can zoom into the original by a freely configurable zoom factor. Got small images, large screens, and weak eyes? MDBUZ is your ticket.
  • Find Files by Contained Characters. Now you can find files that contain certain characters or character ranges within their textual contents. Allows you to search for files containing any characters in the upper Unicode range, or any Mongolian characters, or whatever specific characters you are interested in.
  • Apply Button in Configuration. Street pressure became unbearable so an Apply button was added that allows you to apply any changed settings to the main window without closing the Configuration dialog.
  • Compilation Soundtrack. Compiled to the music of Starcrawler.

    DOWNLOAD XYplorer Trial
    DOWNLOAD XYplorer Portable

Xyplorer Maintenance Release 21.60.0100 (March 24,2021)

Change log:
-Minor bug fixes and enhancements.

Download Trial (Installer)

Download Trial (Portable)
XYplorer 21.70.0000

Changes in XYplorer 21.70.0000 (2021-04-07):
  • Seamless Wave Looping. Just select a sample file and hear it spinning in a perfect seamless loop. Audio folks love it.
  • Smart Branch View. A new branch view (aka flat view) type shows only files and non-empty folders, i.e. any folders that contain nothing or only empty folders (or, in case of a search, do not contain any files that match the search) are not listed in the branch view. Gives you a much cleaner and more useful view.
  • Tree Scroll Position Remembered Per Tab. Optionally, each tab restores the tree position it was in when it was last exited. Many users have waited for this feature, not many file managers have it.
  • Color-Code Empty Tree Folders. Finally color filters can be applied in the folder tree in a way that lets you spot all empty folders at a glance.
  • Compilation Soundtrack. Compiled to the music of Elise LeGrow.

DOWNLOAD XYplorer Trial
DOWNLOAD XYplorer Portable

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