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Pegasun System Utilities V5 Upcoming Release
Big changes are coming and your PC will love it!
Hey everyone,

I know it's been awhile but I'll get straight to the point. At Pegasun, we have been building a big list of things to add and improve for System Utilities. We are proud to say we are almost done and we'll be starting the development of V5 of System Utilities soon.

Now is your chance to tell us what type of things you'd like to see added on V5 of System Utilities. We're excited to hear your feedback/requests.

So far, we have been doing tons of research on best ways to:
Improve Windows 10 performance using variety of methods and settings changes.

Improve laptop battery life

Improve Turbo Mode for significant performance boost

Debloat Windows 10 from all the junk/unused apps it comes pre-installed with

And many more.

We think you'll love V5 and definitely will notice the PC performance gains it'll bring.

Stay tuned and talk to you later,

- Ref

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