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Oxynger KeyShield: The World's Best Anti-Keylogger
The program is essentially just a virtual keyboard; launch it, type your details, and they’re sent to the application by what the authors call a “very secure communication channel”, which they claim keyloggers won’t be able to intercept. 

[Image: slide_01.jpg]


• Protects your passwords, credit card details, online banking information etc. from keyloggers
• Protects keystrokes from Software & Hardware Keyloggers
• Protects keystrokes from screen loggers


• Uses different key layouts for each user of the software to provide protection from mouse logging
• Defeats both known and unknown keyloggers
• Clipboard is not used – Defeats clipboard logging


• Great anti-hacking tool
• Securely sends keystrokes to target application
• Simple, easy-to-use, intuitive GUI


• Supports all major web browsers
• Supports password field of almost all applications
• Works with Windows 7, Windows 8

Could a malicious program capture images of the KeyShield window, as you click? That would be a big fat NO, well!! I think at least not easily.

Sooo good people I reckon it would take considerable time and low-level testing to decide the truth of that. 
So we should download it right and try it for ourselves. 

Ok I have sparked your interest so the next step is to head HERE

But good people please do remember that yes Oxynger KeyShield is free for you, but not for the developer. 
Maintaining and improving software not only costs a lot of time, but money as well. 
Oxynger is a startup company incubated at Startup Village, Kerala, India
Soooo if Oxynger KeyShield proves to be useful to you, they would be glad to receive some small appreciation in return but voluntary of course.
Looks really cool!
Thanks guardian
Personal private data security is more and more important today. So it's really a powerful and useful tool for every PC user.

Thank you so much for the posting dear buddy Smile


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