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Promo2day Contest Ashampoo Uninstaller 8
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Completely eliminate unwanted programs, toolbars and plugins - for a faster, cleaner and more secure PC!

Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 is the solution to install, test and, if needed, uninstall applications with absolutely no leftovers. You are in control of what stays and what goes on your PC! Eliminate unsolicited software installations, browser extensions and toolbars at the click of a button! The program carefully monitors each installation to allow for total removal, including temporary files, later on thanks to detailed logging and Deep Cleaning technology! The built-in snapshot feature allows you to compare different system states and instantly identify any and all changes made by installers or programs.

[Image: ui8-skins.png]

Software-profiles for perfectly clean uninstalls even without installation logs
Permanently wipe sensitive data during uninstalls
Removes even the most complex and convoluted setups
Automatic leftover file scans also for default uninstallations
History of uninstalled applications
Full Opera support
Up-to-date modules and cleaners
Fast uninstalls via drag and drop on program icons
Enhanced Deep Clean technology
More details on program installations
Faster and more stable than ever before
Easier handling across the board
Microsoft-certified program drivers
Multi-purpose tray menu
No mercy: deletes even locked files
Faster feature access
New subcategories for Windows Apps
Enhanced work flow with improved dialogs
Fully compatible with Ashampoo UnInstaller 7


I would like to thank Angela, Ashampoo for sponsoring licenses for Promo2day users.


Number of Licenses -  5

Value of each license -  $39.99 

Giveaway ends and Winners announced: December 9, 2018

Winners will be selected by Random.org


To have a chance to win a license key for Ashampoo Uninstaller 8 ; Please follow these simple rules:

1. Share this Giveaway on Facebook, Twitter or G+ and Post the share link with your comment below.

2. I encourage comments about "why you want to win a license?"

Winners must contact me within 2 days after giveaway ends to claim their win. If a winner does not respond to me within that time-frame, their win will be void.[/size]
I have Ashampoo Uninstaller 6 and I'm very satisfied, so I want to upgrade.

Thanks for the giveaway

I want to win a license to Ashampoo Uninstaller 8 because in this way I can uninstall software in a profound way.

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Thanks for the giveaway. Thumb
I would like to win the Ashampoo Uninstaller 8 license because it is a good, functional program and an excellent alternative to Revo.
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I currently use Revo Pro 3.2.1 and Ashampoo Uninstaller 7. I would like to win a license so that I can get rid of Revo and upgrade to the greatly improved Ashampoo Uninstaller 8.

Twitter Share: https://twitter.com/cookinpropaul/status...3146072064
Thank you asus 73  for arranging the promotion and the opportunity to participate in it

He wants to win Ashampoo Uninstaller 8 to get rid of garbage after uninstalled programs

Thanks for the opportunity to win this much hyped uninstaller software.

I'd like to win a license because I'd like to upgrade my Ashampoo v7 license to v8 and does have software profiles for perfectly clean uninstalls even without installation logs. There are softwares that cannot be easily uninstalled completely by default Windows uninstaller, good to have this one in my PC. Count me in!

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why want to win a license?
Perfectly clean uninstalls even without installation logs
Quickly uninstall by drag and drop program icon
No mercy: deletes even locked files
Thanks a lot for the giveaway. Ashampoo UnInstaller 8 is the solution to install, test and, if needed, uninstall applications with absolutely no leftovers. It has many good features such as profiles for perfectly clean uninstalls even without installation logs and permanent wipe of sensitive data during uninstalls

My contribution:

Thanks to asus73 and Ashampoo for this giveaway.

Ashampoo Uninstaller 8 is a powerful utility to perform a thorough removal of garbage or programs. The features that I’m getting really interested in are the real-time installation background monitoring, snapshot and file wiping. First of all, I’d like to compare its ability of taking snapshots before and after software installation. In addition, permanently wiping data and programs is also a useful feature you cannot find in many other uninstallers. Last but foremost, I’d like to try and see the improvement due to the ability of Ashampoo Uninstaller to run constantly in the background and log any changes made.

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