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enterprise review giveaway edition kryptel

Promo2day Contest Kryptel Enterprise Edition Review and Giveaway (5 Lifetime Licenses with Upgrades)
[Image: TMR8BTU.png]

The internet is not a safe place and the number of threats is growing. There are many new types that can compromise and steal your important data. Backdoor is a hidden feature that allows accessing user’s data without user consent. So, the security and protection of your data becomes very important. This will need powerful encryption with the ability to recover your data again at any time.  Encryption  means convertion of the source data to an unreadable form. This requires a key (password) that will be combined with the original data to produce the encrypted ciphertext. 

Kryptel is a program for secure file storage. It provides single-click encryption, encrypted backups, batch processing and more. It provides reliable protection of your data with well-known and proven encryption algorithms: AES, Serpent, Twofish, Blowfish, and Triple-DES. The program uses secret key encryption.  Kryptel is used by individuals, small user groups, or large user groups within the same organization.


Simple and Easy
Just right-click a file or a folder and select ‘Encrypt’ – or drag it to the Kryptel desktop icon.

Reliable Encryption
Kryptel implements the latest NIST-approved Advanced Encryption Standard; several more well-reputed ciphers are also available for advanced users.

Encrypted Backups:
Encrypted backups is another nice Kryptel feature for safe data storage. Thanks to strong encryption, Kryptel backup files can be stored anywhere – burned to a DVD, moved to network storage, or even sent to an online Web storage. No matter how many files your backup includes, you need just one click to create it, encrypt it, and send it to a Web drive.

Better Passwords:
A tiny typing error in the encryption password may lead to hours of frustrating guessing game. The Kryptel’s state-of-art password window simplifies password entering and makes typing errors less likely to happen.  Kryptel software package includes secure Password Manager, which keeps user's passwords and keys in secure storage and serves them over encrypted communication channel.

Failure Resistant
Kryptel makes every possible effort to ensure that your important data are safe. Even if the computer crashes in the middle of encryption step, no data will be lost. To make encryption even more reliable, Kryptel performs a verification step after every operation to guarantee that the just created encrypted container can be successfully decrypted.

And if the container gets corrupted due to a hard drive failure, Kryptel Data Recovery gives you a good chance to get your data back.

Easy To Automate
Everything that you can do with your mouse, you can do using the command-line interface. Kryptel fully supports batch mode encryption and server-side processing.

Take It Along
Kryptel supports portable installation and can be run from a flash stick or a USB hard drive. You don't need your desktop PC to access your encrypted files.

Fits Every Demand
Available in three editions: Free, Standard, and Enterprise.

Unlimited file size
While Kryptel does not limit file size, operating system limitations may apply. For instance, FAT32-formatted drives cannot hold files larger than 4Gb.

Additional ciphers and Kryptelite
Kryptelite does not allow cipher selection and always uses AES/ZIP for encryption. However it includes all the additional ciphers from the advanced product editions, and so can decrypt files created by the commercial editions.


[Image: x3Pd8GQ.png]

Remember that your license will never expire. You can use your last licensed version forever

You receive 30% discount off the renewal price if you extend active subscription. Upgrade orders include one-year update subscription.

After purchase, your account details including username and password will be sent to your email. Simply login to you customer panel and download your app then activate online

Kryptel Wizards:

[Image: SFqR303.png]

Kryptel is available in three editions covering a wide range of user requirements

Free Edition (Kryptelite) is excellent choice for those users who use encryption only occasionally. While it lacks bells and whistles of the more advanced editions, it still does the job perfectly and provides the same highest level of security.

Standard Edition includes all the major features you'd expect from top-notch encryption software. Besides basic encryption/decryption operations, this edition can do encrypted backups and script-driven encryption jobs. Kryptel Standard includes powerful Kryptel Browser for inspecting and modifying encrypted containers, and can be run from a USB drive.

Enterprise Edition offers you many features which make it the best choice for you. In addition to the Standard Edition's features, you will enjoy the following:

If security and reliability is a priority, Enterprise Edition is what you need.
Kryptel Enterprise offers command-line interface for automated processing 
Can work in FIPS 140-2 -compliant encryption mode. 
In case of a hardware failure its Data Recovery feature will help you minimize damage by recovering data from the corrupted container.
Native 64-bit processing
Utilizes multi-core processors to speed up encryption


I would Like to thanks Kryptel Team for sponsoring this exclusive Giveaway for promo2day members


Product page:






Giveaway details:

We have 5 lifetime licenses with Upgrades 

Giveaway will end on December 27, 2018

Winners will be randomly selected (


1. You MUST be a registered member in Promo2day Forum. Register HERE

2. Answer an important question:[Few Sentences]: What is your current Encryption software and Why you want to win free license for Kryptel Enterprise Edition? Short answers like; best app, good, thanks....will be disqualified

3. Share the giveaway on social media and put the link in your reply

4. If you don't have social media, you can share the giveaway news on other forums or blogs and add the share link in your reply

5. Use of VPN is not Allowed in this giveaway

6. PM Mohammad within 2 days of winners announcement to claim your license (Name and email required)

Good Luck for ALL!
Thanks for the another nice giveaway...
My current Encryption software is "Silver Key Stranded".like to taste Enterprise features.
Mostly I like its Data recovery & Data Security features.Most Important thing is "lifetime licenses with Upgrades "

My share :
I'm not using any encryption software.
What I like most about Kryptel, is that it is easy to use and can be transferred.
Thanks for the giveaway

Currently, I use no encryption software, and I would like to win a license of Kryptel Enterprise because today security is very important, and an advanced software like Kryptel can help me achieve this milestone.

My Twitter Share
Thank you     for the giveaway.

I'm not using any encryption software.Kryptel is easy to use and provides a good level of encryption. I want to win a license for this program because Krypel has interesting features:
Encrypted Backups
Failure Resistant
Portable Installation
My share:Twitter

Good luck to all participants. Smile
Thanks for the opportunity to win in this contest.

I'm presently not using any encryption software but have a license for Silver Key Standard. I would like to win a license of Kryptel Enterprise because security and reliability are a priority for me, and its Data Recovery feature in case of hardware failure is a must.

Facebook Share
thanks for giveaway. Heart
its great software can help protect my data. i used winrar to protect my data
Enterprise version have recovery mode so if its file damaged it can partly or completly restore them
plus it has additional  security layer like Password Manager and Virtual Keyboard

Thank you for this opportunity.

The advantage of having Kryptel is that, it can be run from a USB flash drive. I have been using Kryptel Enterprise version for more than 3 years and never had any problem with it. The best part of Kryptel is they do not have any backdoor to their software which is a very big relief. 

Thanks a lot for this great giveaway tarekma7 & Mohammad.
I always wanted to win a license key for the Enterprise version of Kryptel as i felt that to the standard version it misses some valueable features (faster encryption) and this is the perfect ocassion to get it.

Count me in please.
My share below:

Thanks for the giveaway. 
To protect and hide sensitive data, I use IObit Protected Folder. I want to win a free Kryptel Enterprise Edition license to encrypt files and folders designed to securely protect sensitive data. This application is easy to use and has a high degree of encryption.


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