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norton kaspersky vs

tarekma7Kaspersky VS Norton
Quote:Kaspersky or Norton?

If you do not have to read the entire article, check out the table below. It reveals the winner according to different tested categories.

[Image: c0E4pvz.png]


[Image: fWEefY1.png]


[Image: V7UKIFS.png]


According to OPSWAT’s streamlined Windows Anti-malware Market Share Report, which includes the most recent data collected for 6 months from June to December, Kaspersky is in the seventh place with 6.65% of the market share, while Symantec Corporation is only in tenth place taking 3.27% of the market share

[Image: VgmUVgB.png]

The final verdict

Kaspersky is one of the best choices in the market. It offers superior 100% malware detection rates and great features with its plans. However, its interface could seem a bit confusing and it does not offer a VPN service.

Norton also demonstrates superior protection rates with a minimal impact on a system. Symantec is one of the biggest giants in the security software industry, offering quality and reputable products. Norton security software is a great choice if you would like to add identity protection service or a VPN.


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