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actioncam lifetime licenses ashampoo

Promo2day Contest Ashampoo ActionCam [5 Lifetime Licenses]
[Image: box_ashampoo_actioncam_800x800.png]

I would like to thank Ashampoo Team for sponsoring this giveaway exclusive for Promo2day users

Giveaway will end after 3 weeks.

Ashampoo ActionCam is video editing and optimization software for action cam and drone videos. Contrast, color and white balance optimization enhance and improve video footage for stunning new visuals. Camera shakes common with action cam or drone footage are fixed by a highly effective video stabilization algorithm while auto-sharpening takes care of blurriness and noticeably enhances even mediocre footage. Lens distortions like the dreaded fisheye effect are also effective removed. The software even features device presets for common models like the GoPro line for tailor-made optimization. Videos can also be played at any speed to create slow-mo or time-lapse effects. Popular video effects like tilt-shift or text overlays are also on board and help put the final polish on your videos. The clearly structured video editor flips, rotates and crops your videos at the click of a button. Since many action cams and drone store lengthy material as separate files, ActionCam also provides a merge feature that effortlessly combines multiple clips into one. Highlights can easily be exported later. The extensive auto-optimization, video editing and effects massively enhances the visual quality of any footage regardless of resolution and source. Ashampoo ActionCam supports all popular video formats and codecs at any resolution (including HD, 2K and 4K). Many features are also accessible through the built-in batch processor that provides huge time savings.

[Image: submit.png]


- Powerful software for editing action cam and drone videos
- Stabilize shaky footage
- Rotate, flip and resize videos with ease
- Auto-sharpen videos
- Crop videos to any format
- Fix lens distortions (fisheye effect)

Product information:

Name: Ashampoo ActionCam
Version: 1.0.1
Release date: 04/03/2019
Price: EUR 29.99, USD 29.99
Trial Period: 30 days (10 days + 20 days after email registration)
Category: Multimedia Software
Size: 89,57 MB


[Image: 91lA8NG.png]


Product Website:

Download: (89,57 MB)

System Requirements:

Operating System:

You need the 64-bit version for the following operating systems:  Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


Windows Media Player 10
.NET Framework 4.0


DVD quality editing / production - Dual-core processor with 2.4 GHz or better
HD quality editing / production - Intel Core i5 / i7 or similar quad-core processor


2 GB or higher for DVD quality editing / production
4 GB or higher for HD quality editing / production
8 GB or more recommended

Graphic card:

DirectX 9
Pixelshader v2.0
Min. 128 MB RAM
Min. 1280 x 1024


An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.
For some services an Internet connection is required.

[Image: 6JdJQH6.png]

From shaky to steady in just seconds

ActionCams are always on the scene even when things go wild or get slightly out of hand. The resulting videos are often shaky because the camera failed to stabilize them. That makes for interesting dynamics but can also make the viewing experience more stressful. Ashampoo ActionCam features next-gen video stabilization! Even handheld shots taken in full motion become more steady for a realistic, smooth viewing experience - at max resolution, naturally!

Put an end to lens distortions!

Wide-angle and fisheye lenses put viewers in the center of the action. Still, when watched on a computer or TV screen, many would rather switch back to "normal" vision. Ashampoo ActionCam fixes lens distortions like magic! The program includes a range of camera profiles, including the GoPro line, for distortion-free realistic visuals at the click of a button!

Powerful contrast and color optimization

Enhance video quality by optimizing colors and contrasts. In just a few clicks, your shots will look more vibrant, realistic and interesting. Use white balancing to make your videos appear warmer or colder and selective brightness, hue, shadow and light manipulation to add that extra individual touch. No matter where your videos come from, the multi-faceted optimization in Ashampoo ActionCam will help you create more stunning visuals. It's effective video editing at your fingertips!

Brilliant sharpness and lighting-fast processing

Fast-paced and drone-based shots are frequently lacking in sharpness. Ashampoo ActionCam features highly efficient sharpening to rid your footage of any perceived mist and haze. And built-in batch-processing helps you work even faster by processing multiple clips in one go!

The video cutting you need

Some programs feature humongous editors that take a lot of getting used to. ActionCam's video editor focuses on the tools you really need! Rotate and flip your videos by fixed or custom increments and use cropping to bring out the details in your shots. Export highlights individually or merge multiple clips into a single highlight reel!

Work with texts and effects

In many cases, comments and effects provide the final polish for your videos. Ashampoo ActionCam lets you add text and stunning effects like tilt-shift fuss-free. The latter employs selective blurring to create a miniature look that goes especially well with landscape footage. Unleash your creativity and a personal touch to wow your audience.

Become a speed master

Ashampoo ActionCam can alter playback speeds for your videos. Most action cams record at 60 fps, ample room for stunning slow-mo effects. Naturally, time-lapse is also on board, e.g. to speed up less important sections hassle-free and without the need for additional steps.

Perfect for camera drone fans!

But it doesn't stop with GoPro or other action cam videos. Drones offer fascinating views only pilots could experience a few years ago. Ashampoo ActionCam also edits drone footage with incredible ease and speed. Common issues like camera shakes, poor colors, contrast or sharpness are fixed in just a few clicks to help you conquer the skies (visually)!

[Image: scr-ashampoo-actioncam-start.jpg]

[Image: scr-ashampoo-actioncam-effekt.jpg]

[Image: scr-ashampoo-actioncam-quick.jpg]




We have 5 lifetime licenses for the giveaway


1. Reply here why you want to win a license? You can express in your own words. Short answers (such as as best app, count me.... ) will not be counted

2. Share this giveaway on your social media or other forums and add the link here
3. Subscribe to our newsletter and have all news delivered to your email [OPTIONAL]

4. Follow us on social media [links in my signature] and never miss any giveaway or news [OPTIONAL]

5. PM me within 2 days of winners announcement to claim your license

Good Luck for ALL!
Sometimes I make some movies and I need some program to make the quality better.
I want to win. It looks interesting and it's new to me.
And I never edited videos in the past so I want to try it.
Please count me in. Thank you and regards.
why you want to win a license? 

Hmm, interst for a review youtube.  Blush
try get license, hope will win this for future using it  Big Grin
Thanks for giveaway  Thumb

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Thank you for the review and the giveaway! Not long ago I've got a non-expensive action camera and I am really enjoying using it. I would like to use Ashampoo Action Cam since it seems pretty specialized and powerful enough to post-process and improve videos shot by such cameras. It looks like the fisheye effect and the poor stabilization are the biggest problems with these cameras and Ashampoo offers an all-in-one solution for these. The user interface is user-friendly and convenient.
Thank you for arranging the promotion and the opportunity to participate in it

I want to win  Ashampoo ActionCam is a tool for editing and optimization for sports camera and drone owners.

Contrast, color and white balance can be improved instantly and streamline video by adding visual effects. Movements of material in sports cameras and from drone are repairable by stabilization algorithms with blur removal and sharpening the whole for perfect shots.

thanks for giveaway
i like to have its license however its 64 bit waiting for to see it in 32 bit windows
ashampoo  make good software Heart Heart Heart
This giveaway is now 3 weeks, only 6 replies!!!

If this is not increased; the giveaway will end and winners will be decreased
Reposting due to technical problems with the website.

Thank you for the detailed review and the opportunity to win in this giveaway @tarekma7! 

I'd like to use Ashampoo ActionCam for editing videos taken with drones and motion cameras or even using mobile phones, since it has powerful and advanced all-in-one post-processing tools and will greatly improve the video quality by stabilizing shakiness, auto-correction of lens distortion and fish-eye effect and auto-sharpness resulting in great-looking videos. Count me in!

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i like following features-
1.Ashampoo ActionCam can alter playback speeds for your videos
2.Ashampoo ActionCam lets you add text and stunning effects like tilt-shift fuss-free.

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