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Friend Needs Help Selecting a Smart Watch For His Android Phone
Hey everyone,

I am not sure how many members here have a smartwatch for their phones (Android in particular) - but a friend of mine wants to purchase one for his Samsung Galaxy S5 and asked me for advice. I do not own a smart phone so I have no experience with this - but I told him I may be able to get some advice from friends and members here who may know something about Android Smart watches.

He wants to spend anywhere from $80 to $150 on one. He said it doesn't have to be super-nice or anything, and it can be a used or refurbished one, just one that has some decent functions.

He told me he was interested in these three from eBay:

Motorola Moto 360 - Stone Grey Leather Smart Watch, Stone Grey, Leather - $135

[b]New Samsung Galaxy Gear Live R382 AMOLED Display Android SmartWatch - Black - $94.95

Sony SmartWatch 2 SW2 Bluetooth Water Resistant Wristband For Android Black - $81.99
I have no experience or knowledge about Smart Watches as I do not even have a smart phone so any advice would be extremely helpful. Also, if there is another Android Smart Watch that anyone recommends between the prices of $80 and $150 please post (remember they can be used or refurbished) - I would appreciate any help anyone can give.


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