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promo2day christmas battletech giveaway live

tregs_beales[Promo2Day Christmas Giveaway] BATTLETECH [WINNER ANNOUNCED]
[Image: b688c0a1ca6b2ff36e3acac88d7a2627c1de07cc...5efdca0dc6] [Image: 460f130ae6ade4687c958a14b08b3f3b.gif]
[Image: ss_7552f834224513ed871017e70f951ced1eeea62f.600x338.jpg] [Image: ss_4a04e6f35e557bfd9072f5af7a45c2e6c72b81c0.600x338.jpg]
[Image: giphyswuvk.gif] [Image: giphyzyu1i.gif]
[Image: giphyq1ubu.gif] [Image: giphy.gif]

Welcome to Promo2Day Christmas giveaways! December brings the special occasion & so are the giveaways.

I have a copy of BATTLETECH for giving. Its a Mech warrior based gam, strategy/RTS type.
Write down your Christmas wishing message to take part. 
Any member can take part. This will be active for 3 weeks & by 23th December I will randomise for a winner.
Good luck to all & Merry Christmas month!
Important: Humble bundle is giving some regional locked keys sometimes now, so in that case I am unable to give any replacement.

WINNER: Condor-Wingman

Region lock
[Image: MTnjrEY.png]


Steam page:

Disclaimer: I get some of these games from friends & take these in good faith. You can understand that its impossible to check if serial is working or already redeemed, unless you activate it on Steam. So if a key turns out to be a duplicate its unfortunate & hopefully I can offer a different replacement game if I have it. You have to active it on Steam & hope all are ok & you get the game. This is the only term/condition I got for such personal giveaways of mine. Pictures used are from steam pages & internet & only for fair use.
Thanks tregs

[Image: Merry-Christmas-Wishes.jpg]
[Image: merry-christmas-calligraphy-with-baubles_1262-7024.jpg]

Wishing A Merry Christmas to everyone on Promo2day
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
I wish all the members "A Merry Christmas!".
Updated likely region locked countries

[Image: MTnjrEY.png]
Excelent game my friend, Than you so much, i wish treagmas for all!
[Image: 3382340-battletech-review-thumb-nologo-A.jpg]
Merry Christmas Big Grin
Merry Christmas Heart Heart Heart
I wish all the members "A Merry Christmas!".

thank you for gievaways Cool Heart Confusedhy: Smile

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