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amp review professional giveaway edition 15 diskimage o

tarekma7Promo2day Contest O&O DiskImage 15 Professional Edition Review and Giveaway
[Image: 35URxwz.png]


In the event of an emergency, many users try to protect their digital photos, office files or videos by simply making a copy of the data and saving it to an external hard disk, CD or DVD. Problems then arise in the course of time when folders are changed and items deleted in the false assumption that a copy exists elsewhere.

The huge advantage with an Image is that it takes up much less space than a copy of your data. Using special algorithms, it is also able to recognize and save just the changes made since the previous image – so-called follow-up images. This way you can easily manage your Images and when disaster strikes, simply restore your lost data with a few mouse clicks.

[Image: GO1avu8.png]

O&O DiskImage 15 Professional Edition

O&O DiskImage 15: The data backup for Windows

A regular backup is still something that many users prefer to avoid. At least that is until they suffer their first loss of important files as a result of software, hardware or user error: that’s when it becomes crystal clear just how valuable a reliable and up-to-date backup really is!
O&O DiskImage 15 lets you back up an entire computer or single files whenever you want – even while the computer is being used. In the event you should lose your personal data it can be quickly restored with just a few mouse clicks – even when Windows is no longer able to start. It also supports SSD drives and the latest UEFI System.

O&O DiskImage lets you carry out a system restore and to duplicate or clone an entire PC or hard drive. You can even restore this backup onto a computer whose hardware is different from the original machine, for instance, where you have changed a motherboard on the target machine or have bought a brand new PC and want to restore an old backup onto it.

What drives you need to image?

System drive (Windows), mostly Drive C:

All remaining data drives where private and business data, e.g. customer data, photo collections or music is stored.

Product features

Backup an entire computer with the push of a button
Backup system and hard drives, clone drives and entire disks
Brand new file-based backup: now twice as fast as ever before – backup and restore individual files and/or folders
Direct creation of VHDs
Monitoring and warning of security risks
Incremental/differential backup: back up only the changes
Easily restore files, folders, drives and disks
System restore onto different hardware (M.I.R.)
Create a Windows Boot system directly from within the program with driver integration
Plug-and-play: Selected files and folders are automatically backed up and synchronized
Variable pixel density settings: adjusts to the selected DPI setting of the connected monitor
New and enhanced functions Control via Command Lines
Supports Windows 10, Windows 8.1 and Windows 7

NEW: Substructure Rebuilt

The entire O&O DiskImage substructure has been completely rebuilt to enable us to add new functions and enhancements quicker and much more regular. The speed of all the base functions has also been increased as a result.

New: DiskImage To Go

Previously, in addition to regularly backing up your machine, you also had to separately create an O&O DiskImage boot media to restore that backup. Everything is easier now! The new DiskImage To Go function automatically turns an external hard drive (or USB flash drive with enough storage space) into an O&O DiskImage boot medium and marks this disk as the preferred storage medium for future system backups. As soon as you then connect this external USB hard disk to your computer, O&O DiskImage 15 automatically creates a backup. This makes it easy to create a recent backup. And if something really happens to your computer or you want to transfer your system and all your data to a new computer, then with the O&O DiskImage boot medium you can restore the backup stored on it with just one touch of a button. Without the hassle of searching for the boot medium and the external hard drive with the backup.
It has never been so easy to ensure the security of your data!



Free Trial:

The 30 days trial version is fully functional and has no restrictions

[Image: V5nkXse.png]


[Image: yVHj1wY.png]

I would like to thank O&O Team for sponsoring this giveaway Exclusive for Promo2day Users 


Giveaway Details:

Number of Licenses: 5

Validity of Each License:  Lifetime, Perpetual 

Value of each License:    49.95$

Giveaway Duration:  3 weeks

Winners:  Will be announced using


1.)  Share this Giveaway on Facebook or Twitter and Post the share link with your comment below.

2.) If you don't have account on Facebook or Twitter, You can share it on any other forum and put the links here.

3.) Your comment must include why you would like a free license for O&O DiskImage 15 Professional?

4)  Winners will be selected via and announced. Winners are expected to respond to claim your prize within 3 days which failing to do so will result in disqualification and new winners will be announced.

Good Luck for ALL!
Hi here is my facebook link

I would like to use this lifetime software as I do think everyone should have easy way to backup or clone their pc in case of vires. 
In the pirate sence you can easy get vires is you don't upload virtual total all cracks but sometimes its just false positive but there no real way to know for sure. 

So this way if I win then I will have a legal copy that can use all on my pc to back up my windows in case something happens.

The software looks very user friendly so that is plus for me. 

Good Luck everyone.
I need this just in case of hard drive failure.
Hope to win a copy.  Thanks and regards.
Thanks for the good giveaway!

I want to win this license &  I would like a free license for O&O DiskImage 15 Professional:

O&O DiskImage can bring a system back to life immediately, and with no installation required. It does so by way of a Boot Medium (USB Stick or CD/DVD) which is based on current installed Windows system and which contains all standard drivers.
O&O DiskImage lets me carry out a system restore and to duplicate or clone an entire PC or hard drive. I can even restore this backup onto a computer whose hardware is different from the original machine.

This backup software is the safest and easiest way to avoid losing important personal files! Options are available for both auto backup and manual settings. Thanks to a unique recovery system that includes additional system recovery tools combined with the tool you’ll quickly be able to restore all your important data.

Twitter share
Thank you @Promo2Day and @O&O Team for sponsoring this giveaway for O&O DiskImage 15 Professional.

Twitter Share:

I would like a free license for O&O DiskImage 15 Professional because it is has improved over the previous version of O&O DiskImage 14.

The most obvious new improvement is that the substructure has been rebuilt. The main result is that the speed of all the base functions has increased which decreases overall backup times and also allows O&O to implement new functions on a regular basis. This also makes O&O DiskImage 15 more secure as well.

DiskImage To Go was introduced in version 14 and was a major step in making backups easier with less hassle and fewer steps. 

When I started to use O&O DiskImage 14 I really liked how it worked for me. Initially, I was not able to properly set up DiskImage To Go because of some minor issues with the programming. However O&O Software support was very responsive and in very short time had a fix for this problem. The only other minor beef that I personally had was that the backups were on the slow side.

For those interested in my previous review it is below:

I  have used O&O DiskImage for the last 3-4 years. I have not tried the new  O&O DiskImage 14.Currently I am using O&O DiskImage 12 and there is a lot to like about it. First of all it is very reliable and has never failed me. It is also very  feature rich. You can backup an entire computer or single files even while the computer is being used. SSD drives are also supported.  You can also perform a system restore, or clone an entire PC or hard drive. Best yet, you can restore the backups onto a PC whose hardware is different from the original PC.  
One of the features that I use regularly is to merge incremental images. Which means if you have created several incremental images, you can combine them into a new base image which now becomes a  “complete” image. So older images that contain only changes can be deleted once the merge has been completed.  This is great to help save space and reduce the number of images.
O&O DiskImage 14 has a number of new features , of which the best is that you no longer need to create a separate boot media to restore your backups.  This is called DiskImage  To Go, which turns the external hard drive where the backup  images are stored into the boot medium so that once you connect this external USB drive to your computer  the program will create an image of all internal drives and the data partition onto it.  You no longer need to search for the boot medium and the external drive that the backup is stored on.
The other new feature is VHDX format. Virtual Hard Disk (VHDX) Format. The advantage of VHDX is an increase of storage capacity to 64 terabytes. VHD’s standard storage limit was 2 terabytes.
The following note is a quote from the O&O DiskImage software manual:  Please make sure that no other backup or imaging software is installed on your computer when installing or working with O&O DiskImage.  This can lead to complications with the filter driver, especially when different software is working simultaneously on multiple drives.
In my opinion Disk Imaging software is just as important as anti-virus protection. Without a good, reliable backup it would be hard to recover from ransom ware attacks, data loss, virus problems and all sorts of other issues that would require you to reformat you computer.
Think of it as another layer of added security and peace of mind.
I used to reinstall windows to clean my system from malware and reinstall all drivers and programs, it's nice to have a back to quickly do a wayback to previous system State. Hope I'll get one. Twitter
I have version 14 and would like to upgrade to version 15. Thanks a lot.
Why do I want a license of O&O DiskImage 15 Pro?

Because I am always looking for the best software to backup or clone my computer's system (hard drive) in case of a catastrophic situation.  I understand from forum administrator's tarekma7's great review above that O&O DiskImage 15 Pro will do this very well. Smile

My media share for this contest.

*Many thanks to the O&O Team for sponsoring this giveaway and to our forum administrator's tarekma7 for putting this contest together for all of us. Thumb   
O&O DiskImage is a reliable software for backing up system images and files so that in case of any emergency like virus attack, non functioning drivers etc. one can use it to restore the system as it was before.
Thanks for the Giveaway!
Why you would like a free license for O&O DiskImage 15 Professional?
O&O DiskImage 15 Pro is the latest PC backup software which provides you with all the tools you need for backing up both individual data such as selected files and folders, plus take drive images of entire partitions and drives. You can restore entire images or select individual files and folders, plus “mount” your image files in Windows, allowing you to browse them like any other attached drive. It also allows you to convert drive images into virtual hard disks, allowing you to attach them to programs like VirtualBox or VMWare Workstation for using as virtual PCs. DiskImage even allows you to tweak backup images so they can be restored to different computers and you are able to restore backups on EFI/UEFI and BIOS-based systems even if Windows won't start.
With such favorite features provided by the software, I am anxious to get this free license and have a test on it.

Facebook sharing link :

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