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divinenewsI would like to suggest a contest for Diskeeper 18 Pro software.
wholeheartedly suggest the forum's administrators approach Condusiv Technologies to get them to sponsor a contest for their great software Diskeeper Pro.

One of my greatest concerns is always the defragmentation of my hard-drive (computer disk) and how to expand its lifespan before it wears out.

Several years ago I learned about an exceptional software named  "Diskeeper Pro." ... I won the first version of it in a software contest back when it was first invented by Condusiv Technologies (formerly Diskeeper Corporation.) I have since won a later version and both of them worked wonders expanding the lifetime of my computer's disk. I can testify from experience that this software has not only prolonged my computer's disk life span but it has made my system faster.  

Diskeeper Pro uses a technology called IntelliWrite which prevents your computer files from being fractured and broken apart into pieces. You can read more about it HERE and HERE.

In short, "ff you aren't familiar with Diskeeper, it is disk optimization software that, instead of "defragging" your mechanical hard disk drives (HDDs), it proactively provides intelligence to Windows disk writes to ensure that all types of storage never suffer from fragmentation. And with Diskeeper’s DRAM caching, you can further improve performance."

Here is one short review of Diskeeper Pro LINK.
[Image: DK16-Dashboard-Benefits-Tab-Desktop-Holger.jpg]

After you read about it by clicking the links I listed above, 
I hope you will vote in my poll in favor of having a forum software contest for Diskeeper Pro. Smile

[Image: giphy.gif]

If you have any reasons from personal experience as to why you think this software is not as good as reported,
 would you please post on the thread below.  Thumb.

Thank you for listening to my suggestion.
Elijah Gale Heart 
Request sent to dev  Thumb
(01-16-2020 , 01:01 PM)Mohammad Wrote: Request sent to dev  Thumb

Thank you, Mohammad. Thumb

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