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review giveaway winrar

tarekma7Promo2day Contest WinRAR 6.0 Review and Giveaway
[Image: zQPpNxl.png]

WinRAR is a powerful windows archiver software that can create compressed files in both RAR and ZIP formats. It can also unpack most known file formats such as RAR, ZIP, ISO, CAB, 7ZIP and many more. 

WinRAR is easier to use when compared to other archivers available on the web. You can do many operations using the right context menu. You can also select the context menu options you need to add.

 The built-in special "Wizard" mode uses a simple question and answer procedure to allow instant access to the basic archiving functions. WinRAR offers you the benefit of archive encryption using AES with a key of 256 bits. This adds to the security of your data and archives

You can use the program in your own language and change the user interface using many themes available. 


The current version is 6.00 final, released on 07/12/2020

System Requirements: 

WinRAR is compatible with all windows versions including windows 10.

For all Android users, the RAR for Android App is available on Google Play.

The command line version of WinRAR is also available for Linux, FreeBSD and MAC OS X.


Free Trial: 

The program offers you 40 days free trial with all features available. After the trial is over, you can continue using the program with a popup window that remind you to purchase a license for the program.  

User Interface 

The user interface is very friendly, intuitive and easy to use. There is menu bar with buttons which include all the program features (such as file, command, options, tools...)

You can change the program look using your favorite themes. 

The program can be used in one of two modes 

Archive view: for compressed/archived files 

[Image: xSttv8r.png]

File view: for any file /folder on your computer similar to the windows explorer 

The file list view options can be changed using simple right click on the upper toolbar. You will be able to select any options or remove others according to your wish 

[Image: 3zCbGn1.png]

Multilingual support:  

WinRAR is available in more than 50 languages. This will let you enjoy your favorite app in your own language  


Supports all popular compression formats such as RAR, ZIP and non RAR archives including; CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZip, UUE, ISO, BZIP2, Z and 7-Zip.

Using solid archiving; it can raise compression ratio by 10% - 50% over more common methods

Combine files split to multiple parts with .001, .002, ... extensions.

Efficient, secure, fast and save disk space

Split archives into separate volumes which is useful in many conditions as large sized files and save on several disks.

Shell Integration.

Support for drag and drop feature and wizard tool

Create self-extracting archives through the built in SFX tool

Available in two forms; graphic interactive interface and command line interface

Recovery record and recovery volumes allow to reconstruct even physically damaged archives

Fast email transmission and send many attached files in small size

Support multimedia files: automatically recognizes and selects the best compression

Uses CRC32 and BLAKE2 checksums to check the integrity of each file in the archive

Backup your data

Supports encryption (256-bit password) to secure your files against unauthorized access

Small size with easy to use with friendly, skinny user interface

Minimal system requirements, Compatible with windows 10 and available in both 32 and 64 versions 

New Features in WinRAR 6.00:      

1. "Ignore" and "Ignore All" options are added to read error prompt. "Ignore" allows to continue processing with already read file part only and "Ignore All" does it for all future read errors. It can help to avoid interrupting lengthy archiving operations, though be aware that files archived with "Ignore" are incomplete. If switch -y is specified, "Ignore" is applied to all files by default.

Previously available "Retry" and "Quit" options are still present in read error prompt as well. 

2. Exit code 12 is returned in the command line mode in case of read errors. This code is returned for all options in the read error prompt, including a newly introduced "Ignore" option. Previously more common fatal error code 2 was returned for read errors. 

3. If several archives are selected, "Extract archives to" option group in "Options" page of extraction dialog can be used to place extracted files to specified destination folder, to separate subfolders in destination folder, to separate subfolders in archive folders and directly to archive folders. 

[Image: GEgm8DL.png]

It replaces "Extract archives to subfolders" option and available only if multiple archives are selected.

4. New -ad2 switch places extracted files directly to archive's own folder. Unlike -ad1, it does not create a separate subfolder for each unpacked archive. 

5. "Additional switches" option in "Options" page of archiving and extraction dialogs allows to specify WinRAR command line switches. It might be useful if there is no option in WinRAR graphical interface matching a switch.

Use this feature only if you are familiar with WinRAR command line syntax and clearly understand what specified switches are intended for.

6. Compression parameters in "Benchmark" command are changed to 32 MB dictionary and "Normal" method. They match RAR5 default mode and more suitable to estimate the typical performance of recent WinRAR versions than former 4 MB "Best" intended for RAR4 format.

Latest "Benchmark" results cannot be compared with previous versions directly. New parameters set produces different values, likely lower because of eight times larger dictionary size.  

7. When unpacking a part of files from solid volume set, WinRAR attempts to skip volumes in the beginning and start extraction from volume closest to specified file and with reset solid statistics. By default WinRAR resets the solid statistics in the beginning of large enough solid volumes where possible. For such volumes extracting a part of files from the middle of volume set can be faster now.

It does not affect performance when all archived files are unpacked. 

8. Previously WinRAR automatically resorted to extracting from first volume, when user started extraction from non-first volume and first volume was available. Now WinRAR does so only if all volumes between first and specified are also available. 

9. Warning is issued when closing WinRAR if one or more archived files had been modified by external apps, but failed to be saved back to archive, because an external app still locks them. Such warning includes the list of modified files and proposes to quit immediately and lose changes or return to WinRAR and close an editor app.

Previous versions issued a similar warning while editing a file, but did not remind it again when quitting. 

10. "Move to Recycle Bin" option in "Delete archive" options group of extraction dialog places deleted archives to Recycle Bin instead of deleting them permanently.

[Image: ykGQ2AO.png]


Read our blog article about the new version HERE  (prepared by jacoblau)

I would like to thank WinRAR team for sponsoring this exclusive giveaway for Promo2day users and visitors

We have 7 lifetime licenses for the giveaway. 

Giveaway end:  February 1, 2021. 

Winners will be selected from valid entries using

These are Perpetual, version limited licenses for the latest version WinRAR 6.0, (include minor updates but work lifetime)


1. Reply about your experience with using WinRAR and what is your current archiving software [Mandatory]

2. Users, who wants to participate in the contest should need to become WinRAR fans at: [Mandatory]

3. Share the giveaway on social media or other forums and add the link in your reply  [Mandatory]

Copy this in your social media or other forums [Don't change this code]:

Twitter Share:
@Promo2day Forum #Giveaway #Contest @WinRAR_RARLAB WinRAR 6.0 review and Giveaway learn more info here:

Facebook Share:
@Promo2day Forum #Giveaway #Contest @WinRAR WinRAR 6.0 review and Giveaway learn more info here:

4. PM me within 3 days of winners announcement to claim your license

Data required from the winners for license generation:

Name (first/last name):





Good Luck for all!

Important Links:


New Features:


WinRAR Encryption FAQ:
Thanks for sponsoring a lifetime license of WinRAR.
I've been using it since I've switched from another archiving software (WinZip).
It helps me create my own archives so that I can save enough space and memory in my PC.
So please count  my name in and really hope to win a lifetime license.  Thanks and regards.

Why do I want to win a life-time license for WinRAR 6.0?

BECAUSE WinRAR is a reliable "time proven" user friendly compression and archiving software app that has been around since first being invented and released by its inventor in 1995.  -- WinRAR can view and create archives in either RAR or ZIP file formats, as well as unpack a large group of archive file formats which include  15 BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, XZ, Z, CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, and UUE. ... The one feature that I really love and use is WinRar's Military-grade AES 256-bit encryption technology that password protects archives including all metadata. 

So, if you want to compress, unzip, and encrypt your files very quickly, WinRAR is the tool for you (and me.) Big Grin

*Thank you, tarekma7, for putting this contest together for all of us forum members. Thumb 
Thank you for organizing the action and the opportunity to take part in it.

I like the very rich functionality of WinRAR, which makes it an indispensable tool for both simple and very advanced users.
Considering that WinRAR, in addition to its own RAR archives, can create ZIP archives, as well as can unpack CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR archives, then one WinRAR replaced a whole bunch of utilities in the workplace.
Compression mode for multimedia information, adding information for recovery, creating continuous archives and powerful encryption system makes WinRAR one of the best archivers in my daily work. I am using WinRAR to store my video and music collections. And I also actively use it when transferring files through mail. I have never had any problems with this WinRAR.
I've been using WinRAR since 1995!   Thumb
It was then, back in 1993, that an unknown programmer Yevgeny Roshal (for the curious - he was born on 03/10/1972), presented the first public version of the new archiver. (then he was 21 years old) !
This is how RAR 1.30 appeared!
My current archiving program is WinRar 5.40, which is already out of date, so I want to update it by winning the latest v6.00 license.
I always try to keep my WinRAR up to date.

Thanks for the contest.

Facebook и Twitter

Historical files:
It used to look like this ...

Attached Files Image(s)
I have been using WinRar since I have a computer. I consider this program one that everyone should have on their PC. The application is very intuitive to use, has a number of useful functions such as repairing damaged archives and creating sfx archives, as well as a highly configurable interface with skins support, which makes its appearance more attractive. In addition, the program supports many formats, which makes it irreplaceable at least for me. I'm currently using WinRar 5.91.
WinRAR is an essential tool in the field of data archiving and compression tools. A reference, to be discovered in trial version, which supports the vast majority of compression formats. Today impossible to work under windows without Winrar.

This may sound silly, but the main reason I used WinRAR at first was because it could change themes, but after a while I really liked this app, its simple interface, doesn't offer any unnecessary features, is fast, stable and supports 64bit native, at the moment. I'm using version 5.50 now, I hope to be one of the lucky participants to be able to use the latest version of this great app
Thanks for the giveaway of the latest major version of WinRAR tarekma.

I would like to win a license of WinRar 6, because I want to create archives reliable in time, but WinRAR is the only software that provides greatest support to RAR file format, as it was created with it.

I also like the clean and easy-to-use interface.

My Twitter Share
Thank you for arranging the promotion and the opportunity to participate in it

I use ZArc because it is a free and powerful tool for compressing and decompressing files. The application supports many types of compressed archives (including 7-Zip, RAR, ZIP, ARJ), it can divide packed files into parts of a specific size

The WinRAR archiver is probably known to everyone. For years, it has proven itself on the computers of users who appreciate high-quality file compression. WinRAR provides complete support for RAR and ZIP archives and is able to unpack CAB, ARJ, LZH, TAR, GZ, ACE, UUE, BZ2, JAR, ISO, 7Z, Z archives.

The software offers a clear graphical interface and can additionally be operated from the command line.

New rules:

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