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Giveaway Call of Duty Mountain Dew & Doritos

Quote:All bonus Mountain Dewand Doritos in-game items for Cold War & Warzone now redeemable for everyone. Use code: GZ28-T7TY5-L618 REDEEM AT
Quote:Before seeing how to get them, it would be good to review what these cosmetics are.

The package includes 5 items and we list them below:

Doritos keychain

Drew keychain

Doritos calling card

Doritos Sticker

Drew Emblem 

How to get Doritos and Mtn Dew cosmetics?

The process is very simple, the first thing you should do is go to This is the page for redeeming Call of Duty codes.

Upon entering, you will be prompted to log in with your Activision account. Note that the cosmetics will be added to the account you use, so avoid using your sub account or anything similar.

Once you have entered your account, a screen will appear with a text box to enter a code.
YOU MUST BE HERE - This is the site used to redeem any game code
There you need to enter the following: GZ28-T7TY5-L618. Just copy and paste that 13-digit code into the box and hit the button that says Submit.

It's ready! Once you've done that, the cosmetics will be added to your account. Remember that you will need to restart the game for these to appear in the menu.
[Image: 0g1KVMK.jpg]

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