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[Mac] UPDF - Unique PDF Editor
[Image: N90Uc0R.jpg?1]

A free PDF editor - UPDF has been released now! It supports editing, annotating, and managing PDF seamlessly on Mac. Get it free now!

Get every tool you need to edit, annotate, and organize your PDF files in one premiere all-rounder smart application for your mac- the UPDF. It is explicitly designed to meet the desire of most users for a stunning yet very comprehensible interface that is not just only for beginners.

Key Features:

1. Edit PDF Document

- You do not have to be a pro at editing for this application will make you one. You can add or delete texts as well as edit the text's properties and formats such as its font style, font color, and size.

- Achieve that neatness and well-organized layout while working with your PDFs as you can modify the text alignment as you please.

- It is made sure you can have full control of editing every detail found on your PDF files since you can also crop, rotate, replace, extract or delete images.

2. Annotate PDF File

- Noting the critical texts found is also possible and made even more simple in the PDF file for you can easily highlight, underline, and strike out those parts.

- You can also add shapes and text boxes for a quicker and easier means of adding texts.

- The sticky notes are for sure what you greatly need to include reliable side notes as you go on with your PDF experience.

3. Organize PDF Pages

- The UPDF bears in mind your invaluable desired experience for good PDF software especially when managing and editing more than one or loads of PDF files at once.

- While this software supports batch-processing to have multiple PDF files at a time, you are also capable of organizing how the PDF pages are to be viewed according to your preference.

- Have access to rotate, rearrange and even change the orientation of the PDF pages easily.

- Don't need to view particular pages? No worries since you can also extract and delete those unnecessary pages as well.

4. View and Navigate PDF Files

- To ensure an authentic and seamless experience of the UPDF, you can also view and navigate each part of every page of the PDF files.

- You have access to a magnification feature to allow you to zoom in on parts you may have trouble reading.

- Have no trouble finding where you left off in a particular section for you can also add Bookmarks to get you back on track.

- Here is where you can work like a pro as you can work across multiple tabs of PDF files opened simultaneously with just a quick and smooth switching.

- If you find it tiring using these navigation tools, the search feature is meant to be your worthy go-to to just easily find particular texts.

- Quick manage PDF pages within thumbnails, such as rotate, delete and print pages.

5. Email and Share PDF Files

- Work smartly and collaboratively with the UPDF as you can share the documents you’re working real-time with your colleagues or to other people through email.

Need help? If you have any questions about this app, please send us an email at

You can follow us on

Facebook: @superacesoftware

Twitter: @updfeditor

Youtube: @UPDF

Instagram: @updfeditor

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