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uncle laptop my reinstall i cleaned how os

MohammadHow i cleaned my uncle Laptop without reinstall OS!
Hello everyone,

I thought, i should share my personal experience with all our forum member
how i clean viruses from my uncle laptop.

This is my hobby to remove viruses from PC/Laptop.

One my uncle son came to my house and ask there are bunches of viruses in his Laptop,
i didn't ask him how it infected because
i know he doesn't have internet and didn't update antivirus from last few years i think it last updated
was 2012.

That laptop mostly he used for general purpose, like watch movies playing games,
insert any USB without scan.

Now started my work.

First i transfer antivirus and malware removal tools in as i inserted USB into laptop then
immediately happened this. :dodgy:

[Image: dFvIxCy.gif]

one issue not solved a new one arrived,
then i shared a folder in my PC with readonly permission and created an standard user for security reason
and put all malware removal tools and antivirus and access via network.
1. [Image: 20gxqwi.png]

2. [Image: zyiulj.png]

3. Read till last then you will understand why i used this tool.

I start my mission to clear viruses from laptop.

first i try to install MBAM, but unfortunatly i couldn't install, then i installed KIS trial and updated.
KIS is really very good internet security suite it automatically detacted and start to clean viruses, once it
complted it scan and then i install MBAM Pro trail and scan with that and i really want to say its really
setisfied me and clean all viruses but i want to confirm all viruses has gone or not, then i saw MBAM pro update problem
"Unable to access the update server" then i use[Image: 2e651nd.jpg] "adware cleaner"
which is third one, i used this tool and it clean all adware viruses, then i again did quick scan for sure
there are no virus.

After remove viruses i checked the perfromance it was very smooth and virus free.

If you have any question you can leave question at our Virus, Spyware, & Malware Removal help


Thanks for reading this.

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