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Contest CheckMAL AppCheck Pro
[Image: qWcIg4p.jpg]

Ransomware infection continues to expand the damage. it is difficult to protect the advanced ransomware relying on general malware detection method.

AppCheck is the only solution providing proactive defense from unknown ransomware threats based on Context-Awareness Ransomware Behavior engine.

100% Signatureless proactive defense
Detects file damaging action
Automatic recovery encrypted files
Ensure data integrity and availability
Excellent compatibility with antivirus

[Image: hJ1VQEa.png]

System Requirements

[Image: Ckx9CZG.png]

Size:  10.40 Mb

Current version:

Version (16. Nov. 2022. 04:00 UTC)

New features:

Changed process search algorithm (Resolved system freezing that occur in some environments.)
AppCheck information window has been added. (AppCheck Pro for Windows Server)

[Image: iqORW3R.png]


[Image: HahPdLr.png]

AppCheck Anti-Ransomware supports Windows 7 (32/64bit) and higher operating system. Installer is integrated into single installer file, and automatically appropriate language by detecting operating system language.


[Image: oJZ7e9V.png]

Please click on the registration icon on the main screen then enter the License Information (email address, serial number) which issued to your email address.

User Interface:

[Image: lFnju2z.png]

Real-time Protection: Enable/Disable Ransomware behavior protection, MBR Protection, Network Drive protection, Ransom Shelter<Backup(AppCheck)> and Auto Backup <AutoBackup(AppCheck)> Folder Protection.

Exploit Guard: Enable/Disable exploit code protection implemented through bugs in the applications(Web Browser, Plugin, Media Player and Office).

MBR Protection: Enable/Disable protection of Master Boot Record(MBR) and GUID Partition Table(GPT) from alteration.

Network drive Protection: Protect files shared through network drives. (Pro only)

Cleaner: System integrity scan, network environment scan, malware scan, adware scan, browser extension scan, malicious shortcut urls scan, ransomnote files removal, and temporary file/folder removal features.

Tools: Provides threat log, quarantine and event lig information.

Empty RansomShelter: Click to delete files and folders of <Backup(AppCheck)> in each disk drives.

[Image: I3L0mtI.png]


Ransom Guard - Protect from Ransomwares

ㆍ Defend from 900+ ransomwares with Context Awareness based Ransomware Behavior engine.
ㆍ Automatically recover damaged files and delete files generated by ransomware.
ㆍ Restrict access from ransomware infected PC trying to damage network shared folders to protect shared files.
ㆍ Compatible with existing Anti-virus products and Independent Protection assures Network connection does not affect on detection rate.

Exploit Guard - Real-time Exploit Detection and Protection

ㆍ 100% Signatureless based exploit detection and real-time protection.
ㆍ Protect web browsers, office applications and others from script and email exploits.
ㆍ Select application groups for protection according to user environment.

[Image: NDi8wkA.png]

Cleaner - Malware, Adware, Spyware Removal

ㆍ Effectively remove Possibly Unwanted Applications(PUP/PUA) such as adware and spywares.
ㆍ Optimize PC performance by returning threat affected registry and services to normal state.
ㆍ Remove temporary files to optimize PC and disk performance.

Centralized Backup

ㆍ Automatic backup supports both local and network.
ㆍ Maximize usage of existing storage resources of organization.
ㆍ Configuring Auto Backup to existing inexpensive network storage effects equivalent to central backup solution at no additional cost.

Self Protection:

The AppCheck Anti-Ransomware protects installation folders and AppCheck service file (AppCheckS.exe) and will be added additional security if malicious event identifies which interferes AppCheck to function properly.

Event log:

[Image: AzzE1O0.png]

New Feature:

Improved response to false positive detections
Improved Self Protection
Stabilized backup
Added information of CMS log

More details can be found here:

Why do I need to purchase AppCheck Pro?

[Image: DLYkIEq.png]

Premium Anti-Ransomware Solution AppCheck Pro

It is difficult to protect ransomware relying on general malware detection method.
You must need anti-ransomware solution to prevents and blocks ransomware attack.
AppCheck Pro automatically remediates when blocking ransomware.
It provides safer protection with expanding the scope of protection, such as network drive, SMB server and removable disk.

[Image: ObUHiwv.png]

Function Comparison

AppCheck Pro provides better protection against both ransomware and exploit attacks.

Moreover ransomware protection extends to network drive, SMB server and removable drive.

[Image: qoNBoeL.png]
[Image: oIt25sO.png]

Next Generation Ransomware Defense Strategy: Context Awareness based Ransomware Behavior Detection Technology

Ransomware, where new variants appear every now and then, is always the same eventually, encrypt the file so that the user can not access it.

Context Awareness based Ransomware Behavior detection technology is a technique to detect the encryption of a user's file to prevent it from being used. It does not focus the ransomware characteristics like existing security products, but comprehensively judges the situation of modifying the actual user's files. 

This also enables accurate detection without any signature updates for the new behavior of ransomware.

Context awareness based engine running in a kernel environment must ensure speed, stability, and compatibility.

Program Options:

These are categorized under many buttons including; General, Ransom Guard, exploit guard, cleaner, Auto Backup, WHitelist settings.


[Image: EOFBnCT.png]

Ransom Guard:

[Image: uc4rxTh.png]

Exploit Guard:

[Image: 1fXwb9I.png]


[Image: IY3cjLu.png]

Automatic Backup:

[Image: jBYRLAm.png]

Exception Setting

[Image: 6onOK1d.png]

SMB Allow/Block List:

[Image: zh22NFZ.png]

How Appcheck Pro defends you against Ransomware?

With more than 150,000 users, AppCheck Pro is a proven solution for ransomware detection in a variety of user environments.

The CARB engine, developed by CheckMAL, is a key technology for judging the situation at the time of file modification without any signature or pattern. By monitoring the change of the file in real-time, accurate detection and recovery are possible.

Differences from conventional security software?

The program monitors file change and determines whether the file change is either normal or malicious. It offers backup the original file to Ransom Shelter. 
Detect malicious file modification process. If continuous file damaging is detected, the process is determined as ransomware. The process is blocked and all damaged files are recovered. Users can continue task without any additional follow-up.

This unique feature differentiates from conventional security software, that is not affected by the detection rate even in an environment where the Internet is unavailable. Since it can judge the damage of the file by itself, this puts unique position while most other analysis system is replying to cloud assisted method.

CheckMAL Products:

[Image: qZGTF0Y.png]


Product Page:







User Manual:

License Management


I would like to thank CheckMAL Team for sponsoring this exclusive giveaway for Promo2ay users

Giveaway Details:

We have 10 Licenses, each is valid for one year

Giveaway will end after 3 weeks

Winners will be selected by


To have a chance to win a license, follow these simple rules:

1. What is your current security solution and why you need Appcheck Pro

2. Share the giveaway news on your social media or other forums, blogs, websites..etc

3. PM me within 3 days of winners announcement to claim your license

4. Name and valid email address are required

5. [Optional]  Follow Promo2day account on social media and never miss any news and giveaways [Links in my signature]

Good Luck for ALL!
I used now Bitdefender total security but it is a giveaway that ends after 2 months
I want light powerful security, especially in Ransomware
Thank you and your good community for this exclusive gift
I need it, because of this, all users and foreign people consider me as a spy, or even a hacker, and many have wasted their lives and have followed me to overthrow me, and many software They have installed malware on my system with different titles and I need this program to prevent others from prying into my privacy. Thank you.
They didn't even show mercy to my group on Facebook, and Facebook locked my group, and worse, those for whom I worked for a long time poisoned Ana's mind.
Thanks for the giveaway,

I won a license for this software years ago in the competition held in this forum. The software is useful for the windows system with its security features. If there is a license in the competition, I would like to use this software again.
Currently, I'm using Avast Free Antivirus for basic protection.
I've been using Avast for so long to protect my PC from malware.
Thank you Tarek for this great giveaway contest just hope to win a license.

I use g data .i do not believe that only antivirus programs are enough to protect the computer. i don't trust only antivirus program for ransomware protection. we need an extra layer of security.
I like to have a light powerful security, especially in Ransomware. 
currently using Kaspersky Internet Security for the protection.
Count me in Please.


My Share :
Thanks for the giveaway.
At the moment, I use Windows Defender to ensure security.
I need App check Pro to strengthen the protective properties of the main antivirus in real-time protection against encryptors, ransomware and other malware, as well as system protection against exploits and unknown threats.

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Thanks for the giveaway


My current security solution is Kaspersky Cloud but is expiring, so I'd like to try AppCheck Pro to see if it's better than Kaspersky or not.
My current solution on my laptop is Appcheck Free. This version is great
and has low memory usage. I would like to win Appcheck Pro because I want to check
pro function like: network drive protection or SMB server protection

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