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Promo2day Contest Surfshark VPN Review and Giveaway
[Image: 8Sz0Tom.jpg?1]      

[Image: FDEMPUp.png]

VPN stands for virtual private network — a software that helps secure your access to the internet by establishing a protected and private connection, even when accessing from a public network. A VPN will:
Make your browsing private
Hide your IP (Internet Protocol) address
Stop your internet provider from tracking you
Stay secure when using public Wi-Fi hotspots.
Make your activities online safer.
Access more internet content and bypass censorship.
Make price discrimination work for you.

[Image: 3vIAnwT.png]

Surfshark VPN is a  digital privacy tool that masks your internet traffic, protects your identity, and prevents tracking. Bypass content restrictions, government censorship, and stay secure while browsing. Surfshark VPN is a premium VPN (with a 7-day free trial) that gives you fast speed, online privacy, security, and more.

Stay safe on the move: strong end-to-end data encryption keeps you safe on public WiFi hotspot.
Beloved by many: rated as excellent VPN on Trustpilot by thousands of actual users.
Safest protection: provides end-to-end encryption to guard sensitive information.
Budget-friendly: offers the best value subscription plans.
Leak protection: With private DNS on each server we take our privacy to the next level.
Connect devices: Connect and surf on as many unlimited devices
24/7 support: Chat with our cyber security experts any time whenever you need.

[Image: S5Q3EQt.png]

Surfshark VPN Free Trial
Surfshark VPN offers a free VPN trial (7 days) for Android, iOS and macOS platforms. Or you can get it for a different platform with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re not happy with the service, you can get a refund within 30 days of your purchase.




Get Surfshark for all devices

[Image: Z7hMFlT.png]


[Image: rdAhboa.png]

If you’re not ready to commit yet – try for 30 days. You get the benefits of a premium subscription without needing to commit. If for whatever reason you decide we’re not a good fit,  you can ask for a refund before the 30 days are up.
And if that’s still too much commitment for you, we have a free 7-day trial (available via the Google Play Store and Apple app store) as well. Here’s how to get it:

[Image: 5Kij6ZV.png]

Download the Surfshark app via one of those stores.
Open the app and choose “Start free trial”.
Create an account and select the 12-month option.

[Image: 9V5DVcA.png]

Surfshark VPN Servers:

Surfshark upgrades from 1 to 10Gbps servers

Surfshark VPN will give you access to 3200+ servers in 100 countries. You will easily find the server location you need and enjoy the best possible speed. The presence of many servers means decreased server load to any single server, which means a better internet connection for you! In case you don’t have a server location preference, Surfshark will automatically connect to the fastest one.

 All of the servers are RAM-only and have at least a single 1Gbps port, so they’re as safe as they’re fast. If you need additional protection, you can use Kill Switch to keep you safe if VPN protection ever goes down, and Camouflage to hide your VPN use.

[Image: J2iK5NI.png]

Surfshark VPN Protocols: which one is the best?

You will find OpenVPN (UDP), OpenVPN (TCP), WireGuard and L2TP options on your Surfshark app

Activate Smart DNS

Smart DNS allows you to stream on devices that don't support VPN apps. It will be activated for the IP address you have. Please make sure that you’re not connected to a VPN or any proxy servers.

How to set up a router with Surfshark?

[Image: puxHROo.png]

Protect your online privacy

Surfshark VPN keeps you private and secure online. Need even more protection? Add Surfshark Alert to protect your identity and Surfshark Search to get real private search results.

[Image: MQIpnHX.png]

Control your personal data

Your data and identity are precious. With Surfshark VPN you get powerful encryption, and if you add Alert you can check and get notified if your data has been part of a breach.

[Image: MXmcLQb.png]

Access content safely

Ensure secure and private access to your favorite content. With Surfshark, no one will know what you are doing online.

[Image: edQ5Qgk.png]

Unlock exclusive benefits

Protect your entire family and every device. Escape price discrimination and find the best deals online. Save money by lowering your mobile data costs. All with one easy-to-use Surfshark account.

[Image: ufmvqp3.png]


Surfshark Nexus technology:

[Image: TiM6579.png]

Nexus is a VPN innovation exclusive to Surfshark. It uses Software Defined Networking (SDN) to connect our VPN servers into a single, global network. It brings new VPN features that will:
Improve your security & privacy
Make your VPN connection more stable
Speed up your VPN connection globally
Users can switch between IP addresses without losing connection to their apps.
Nexus enables Surfshark to create brand-new features, such as IP Rotator and dynamic multihop


Increase your security by connecting via two different virtual private network servers at once. These different VPN locations will minimize the chances of tracking.

Change your IP

Protect your privacy by changing your IP address to the one that can't be connected to your digital identity.

[Image: GIPrgLU.png]

IP rotator

Don’t sit with the same IP address for too long. Our IP rotator changes your IP without disconnecting you from the VPN. You’re harder to track, and your experience using the VPN improves.

High-speed content delivery: Maintaining fast servers and minimizing speed drops takes a lot of resources.


We guard your personal data by using industry-leading AES-256-GCM encryption.

Secure protocols

WireGuard is a default protocol on all our apps. If you want to change that, you can try OpenVPN or IKEv2/IPsec.

[Image: GQUQjc9.png]

CleanWeb: Block ads and malware

Surf in a clean cyber ocean with no ads, trackers, malware and phishing attempts. You can easily block annoying ads, banners, cookie pop-ups & trackers. With the upgraded CleanWeb, you will also get alerts about malware-infected websites that put your devices at risk, so you can avoid phishing attempts and know about website breaches.
Popular ad-blocking browser extensions only block ads, banners, and pop-ups on a browser level. With an adblock VPN, you’ll be free from adware and malware on browsers and apps alike.

Cookie pop-up blocker

Forget annoying cookie pop-ups on your screen. With our browser extension, cookie pop-ups will be hidden from your screen, so you do not need to deal with them.

Unlimited devices

Connect & use all your family devices simultaneously. You can protect as many devices as you’d like at once.

[Image: fQIwqfy.png]


Allow specific apps & websites to bypass the VPN. Works great with mobile banking apps.

Strict no-logs policy

We don’t monitor, track, or store what you do online. That means no connection or activity logs.

Kill Switch

The Kill Switch feature keeps your data secure at all times. You no longer need to worry about connection drops. If you lose connection to a VPN server, Kill Switch will “kill” the internet connection as well. This way, you won’t be accidentally exposed online.

Private DNS & leak protection

With private DNS on each server and leak protection when using IPv4 stack, we take our security to the next level.

Camouflage Mode

Camouflage Mode makes sure that even your internet provider can’t tell that you’re using a VPN. Stay private, always.

Browse privately

Encrypt your internet activity so no one can track or steal your data.

NoBorders mode

Internet should be open to everyone. This mode allows to successfully use Surfshark everywhere you are.

Torrenting (P2P):

Surfshark has all the features to be your favorite torrent VPN. It offers easy and quick torrenting with its high speeds and unlimited bandwidth. All its servers support P2P, except in countries where torrenting is not allowed. If you connect to one of those servers, its app will reroute the traffic to torrent-friendly servers in Canada or Netherlands. The Surfshark app is easy to use and will help you connect quickly so you can start sharing files in no time.


Surfshark VPN lets you stream in 4K HD without buffering and watch shows, movies & sports privately. It has many fast servers for seamless streaming experience. It’s important to go for a fast VPN for streaming in order not to get stuck in the wheel of constant loading. Surfshark allows you to enjoy Netflix using the country offers. In addition, it allows you to stream on any device you want

Surshark VPN Security details:

Industry-leading security : Your security is our number one priority. That’s why we only use the most advanced encryption methods and protocols to protect your personal information.

[Image: RMkWIaI.png]

Protect your privacy: Get Surfshark VPN to stop snooping ISPs and third-party trackers on all the devices you have.

Secure your identity: Use a VPN to hide your IP address and the sensitive data you send & receive.

Prevent tracking: Enable a VPN connection to prevent companies, hackers, or bots from tracking you online.

Kill Switch


How does Surfshark keep you secure?

When you click connect on your VPN app it creates a secure tunnel to the VPN server. This tunnel hides your private information from hackers, your internet service provider, or the government.

[Image: 8VyxSD5.png]

What are the benefits you get using Surfshark VPN?

Hide your location: Stay anonymous and hide it with a VPN!
Browse privately: Encrypt your internet activity and protect your browser.
Avoid travel restrictions: Don’t sacrifice your digital freedom when traveling. Access the same content you would at home.
Protect your privacy: Surfshark has a strict no-logs policy that ensures that no one knows what you do online.
Modern protocols: Modern protocols are optimized to deal with the newest threats and work with the latest systems.
Unlimited data, high speed, no leak
Get real search results: Tired of only getting search results based on how much money advertisers can make off of you? Get only real, organic answers with Search.
Use the internet uncensored: quick access to material that’s hidden from you.
Access content safely:
Hackers, trackers, malware: any website can be unsafe. Get private and secure access to the web.
Get the best prices online: Online services often change their pricing based on the information they have on you. Get the best deals by staying hidden

Surfshark One: Enhance your privacy and security

A single account to protect yourself from viruses, malware, data leaks, and privacy threats.

[Image: ZeWcM55.png]


Surfshark VPN is a premium VPN solution that proves worth with a large collection of privacy tools, an excellent app, high speed, many servers, support torrenting, unlimited device connections, nexus technology and cybersecurity. You will enjoy privacy, security, unblock restricted contents and good streaming
I would like to thank Surfshark VPN team for this exclusive giveaway for Promo2day users and visitors

Giveaway is open to all users

We have 5 annual licenses

Giveaway will end after 3 weeks


1. Reply about your current VPN and why you want to change for Surfshark VPN

2. Share the giveaway on your social media or other forums

3. PM me within 3 days of winners announcement

Good luck for All!
Thanks for the review Tarek shared it on the blog.
Hi Tanks For This giveaway 
Need Vpn For bypass Firewall To access block site 
I use windscribe for now

Twitter: "" / Twitter
I need it to visit websites that are blocked and inaccessible.
Thanks for arranging this nice giveaway contest.
I really hope to win a 12 months license.

Thanks for this giveaway tarekma7

Currently I am using a free VPN. Which doesn't work as required in many  cases. Also the privacy policy is concerning.

I really appreciate Surfshark's no log policy. Also so many servers are the cherry on the top. 

I will really like to use Surfshark.

Very g00d vpn allways like n0 l0g
Servers thx
Thank you for this surfshark vpn giveaway.

My current vpn is vpn unlimited.
Surfshark vpn is amazing product and one of a kind...what I like about this product is adblocker(CleanWeb),many server and high quality speed,reliability and privacy
Thanks for this vpn givaway.
My current vpn is I have none.
SurfShark vpn is a great product with lots of options and quick servers.
I have no social media accounts .
Thanks for the giveaway, Tarek. Thumb

I use the free CyberGhost extension to unblock sites, but that only works in my browser. I'd like to win a SurfShark VPN license to use it with other programs.

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