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Promo2day Giveaway QILING Fast Cache Standard - Free for Everyone
[Image: SYnYl3o.png]

QILING Fast Cache can improve overall system performance. The temporary files frequently accessed by system or other application, and the read the RAM memory speeds far greater than the real hard disk, so caching frequently accessed data into RAM significantly improves the speed at which data is read; additional hard disk, and SSD storage medium has its read and write times limit, so the QILING Fast Cache improve the life of a real hard disk too.

Improve system performance
The system frequently reads certain sectors and files. If these files are cached in memory, they increase access speed and improve system performance.

Improve the responsiveness of service programs
Many programs access many different files, and some files are accessed frequently. Fast cache will cache these high-frequency files in memory, then the overall access speed will be significantly improved.

Improve the responsiveness of the game
Contemporary games will frequently access different data, such as map data, if the disk reading speed is relatively slow, there will be stuttering, affecting the experience of playing the game. The fast cache caches frequently used map data, speeding up the read of map data, so the game runs smoothly.

Improve the life of a real hard disk
All hard disks have read and write life, and fast cache reduces the number of reads, which will increase the life of the hard disk.

[Image: PdvH67o.png]

Suported OS: Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, XP; 32bit & 64bit

Product Page:

Thanks to sales at idiskhome we are giving away QILING Fast Cache Standard (worth 29.90 USD) for Free to all our readers. Just download and use the license key shown in the txtfile below.

Attached Files
.txt   Fast Cache Standard.txt (Size: 399 bytes / Downloads: 38)
Tutorial of the program installation and use here:

When I configure it, what determines "cache size" and "block size?"

On the QILING Fast Cache Standard site page, it shows this:
If you do not know how to use this software, do not use it, it may cause the windows system to crash.
In the comments about this program on SharewareOnSale, you can read :
"For those asking how that works, I have 32 Gb DDR4 memory, and allowed 8 Gb as cache.
On a SATA SSD, I have :
500 read and 500 write without cache.
15000 read and 500 write with cache."
I think this answers the first question of Divinenews : "Cache size" is your own decision (probably depending on the use you have of your PC).
As for "Block Size", I did not find any explanation.
At first sight (you'll tell me if I'm wrong), this program doesn't prevent writes on an SSD for example, but would optimize the system by the speed of access to data/programs that are often reproduced.
You will note that the conclusion of the above comment runs counter to the statement quoted above by the developer:
"Improve the life of a real hard disk
All hard disks have read and write life, and fast cache reduces the number of reads, which will increase the life of the hard disk."

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