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Contest Ashampoo Snap 15
[Image: WFwDo5X.jpg]

All-purpose and flexible screen and video captures for Windows PCs

Ashampoo Snap 15 captures anything you see on your screen as images or videos. Aside from regular screenshots, the program also supports timed captures, scrolling areas, custom window sizes and multi-display environments. Multiple postprocessing features help you augment your screen captures with graphics, texts and effects to convey a lot of information quickly and visually. From webinar recordings to individual tutorials to illustrated explanations: Ashampoo Snap 15 is your fast route to success. Comfort features, automated numbering or dedicated postprocessing tools, save you time and effort. Finished captures can be stored locally or uploaded to Ashampoo cloud space. Snap's built-in video editor is perfect to make custom cuts and freely merge, or store, clips as individual episodes. Users particularly love the "magic eye" that auto-detects and selects windows, menus and scrollable areas. Version 15 features speed improvements as well as elliptical screenshots. The magic eye is now freely positionable along the edges of the screen so it'll never interfere with capturing. Furthermore, the editor now supports Windows 11 inspired rounded corners for images. Adding texts and comments has also become easier and faster. Finally, version 15 reintroduces guidelines during the capture phase for perfect alignment of your shots.

Freely position the magic eye along screen edges
Create elliptical screenshots
Add texts and comments more easily
Guidelines that help with precise screenshot selections
Create Windows 11 inspired screenshots with rounded corners
Significant speed improvements across all modules

Ashampoo Snap 15

Version: 15.0.1
Release date: 2023/03/06
Trial Period: 30 days
Category: Office Software

Price: EUR 40, USD 40

Arabic, British English, Bulgarian, Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional), Croatian, Czech, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian Nynorsk, Polish, Portuguese, Portuguese (Brazilian), Rumanian, Russian, Serbian, Serbian, Slovakian, Slovenian, Spanish, Spanish (Argentina), Swedish, Turkish

Size: 140,00 MB

Program links

Download link (.exe) (140,00 MB)

Product Website:

System requirements

Operating System
Windows 11(64bit), Windows 10 (64bit)

Any device that supports the operating systems listed above. Systems with ARM processors are not supported.

An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.

[Image: RRjYsJZ.png]


Save time and screen-capture information instantly

With Ashampoo Snap 15, capturing screenshots or videos almost feels like magic! Anything you see on your screen is faithfully captured along with numerous smart settings. The built-in editor takes care of post-processing and file management. Snap also gives you multiple tools to make your screenshots more meaningful: Auto-numbering, comments, shapes, cliparts and other items help you tell your story visually and in style! Whether you're working from home, quickly need to explain a procedure or plan to create an entire tutorial, Snap 15 has got the tools you need!

A winning concept

Balancing simplicity and functionality is an enternal struggle. After all, what good is a software that is super easy to use but barely offers the most mundane of features? Snap's new image editor manages to offer simple handling while retaining the powerful feature set that defines our Snap line of products. Optimized workflows and favorites for quick feature access help you achieve your goals free from distractions and mouse acrobatics. Even if you've never used Snap before, you'll be working productively within minutes. Visualize and communicate your thoughts and ideas in style and turn a thousand words into a single picture!

Indispensable home office companion

Ashampoo Snap is the perfect tool to augment your home office work with screenshots and videos. Whether inhouse or frontline, Snap makes your communication faster, more efficient and more meaningful. Proposals, discussions or explanations all benefit from a more visual approach. It's "show, don't tell" for a reason! Capture anything you see on your screen and drive the message home with annotations, cliparts and effects. Video capturing, editing and sharing is also fully supported. With no steep learning curve or hardware requirements, Ashampoo Snap is the tool to take your communication to the next level!

At home and in the office: Get to the point more quickly

Ashampoo Snap makes screen and video captures easier than ever before. Work faster, smarter, and be more productive with 1-click actions. Boost your creativity with versatile design options and benefit from the new streamlined image editor. Create screenshots and with pixel-precision quickly and accentuate your projects with annotations, arrows, shapes, and cliparts. Highlight issues or points of interest visually in your documents and ignite your readers' creativity with clever combinations of texts and images. You won't believe how quickly Ashampoo Snap will boost your productivity and become a fixture in our daily work!

Smart desktop capturing and sharing

Once active, Snap's magic eye auto-detects elements below your mouse pointer (browser windows, program menus, images, etc.) and offers instant 1-click capturing with pixel precision. But it doesn't stop there: Snap can also capture custom rectangular or freehand regions and even supports scrolling content! Naturally, the program supports all possible kinds of sharing options, including email and Ashampoo Webspace!

Optical character recognition (OCR) for your screenshots

The multi-lingual OCR built into Ashampoo Snap is particularly handy. It supports seven world languages and allows you to convert any image-based text into real computer-editable text at the click of a button. Stop manually copying text and digitize your documents today!

Fast and easy video cutting

Not every video recording is an instant success. Ads, extra steps or pauses are a frequent bother. The same applies to screen captures. Keep the important bits and get rid of the rest with Ashampoo Snap! Remove ads, glitches or superfluous scenes or split your video into individual episodes. It doesn't matter whether you're casually pointing and capturing, creating an extensive webinar or producing a high-quality presentation: With Ashampoo Snap, every video capture comes out a success!

Create videos for any purpose

Creating instructional videos or documentaries is a breeze with Ashampoo Snap. Recordings are live-annotable with texts, drawings and voice narration. Clear things up with visualized mouse clicks and key strokes and add watermarks to protect your intellectual property. Take it to the next level and add live feeds from your webcam in a single click. Here's your ticket to create engaging tutorials, prepare instructive webinars and to point the way to the things that matter most to you–literally!

Perfect for different screen resolutions and multi-display environments

Ashampoo Snap fully supports multi-display setups, even with different resolution and DPI combinations, e.g. mixed Full HD and 4K environments. Each display is captured at its individual resolution for maximum crispness and results are instantly editable. And once you're in the editor, it's smooth sailing for beginners and professionals alike!

Create GIFs from any video

What would the internet be without those charming GIF animations? But GIFs can also be used in tutorials or demonstrations to great effect. Ashampoo Snap can turn any video segment into GIFs. Just set the start and end positions, fire up the built-in converter and you're done!

More than a snipping tool: extensive comfort features

Ashampoo Snap does most of the heavy lifting for you. Automatic numbering or time-delayed captures will help you make the most of your shots. Freely annotate your captures with texts and drawings or use flood fills. Put the spotlight on individual portions, blur sensitive data and use the highlighter to direct attention in style!

[Image: VkO5E9M.jpg]

Capture desktop contents and save videos or images from the internet

The Internet is brimming with fascinating images, texts and videos. Ashampoo Snap makes it easy to capture what you like! Save image and videos and edit them on the fly and to your liking! Anything you see on your screen, or hear through your sound card, Snap can capture!

Create screenshots quickly and with great flexibility

Capturing and editing screenshots is child's play with Ashampoo Snap. From entire desktops to small screen segments, scrolling web sites to single passages: Everything is only a single click away! Use time to your advantage and create time-delayed screenshots or capture contents with pixel precision. Ashampoo Snap is the screenshot program that does it all: intuitive handling + high-performance features!

[Image: 2XtKln7.jpg]

Program Advantages:

Skip lengthy explanations with Ashampoo Snap 15

The next generation of Ashampoo Snap is here–and it's faster and more versatile than ever before! Position the "magic eye" anywhere on the edges of your screen and take circular screenshots, finally! Adding and editing texts and comments has never been easier, and the same goes for auto-numbering. At home or in the office: Snap 15 puts the focus back on performance!

Speed demon

Taking screenshots is supposed to be fast and easy–and that's what we've been working on. Ever since the release of the previous version, our developers have left no stone unturned to make Snap 15 the fast Snap ever, no matter how many high-res displays you use!

Magic with a twist!

Snap fans love the "magic eye", i.e., the capture bar. It easily captures rectangular and scrolling regions, and detects windows and window elements automatically to spare you you manual selections. But what if it's in the way and covering a screen portion you need to capture? Snap 15 allows you to freely move it along the edge it's currently docked to!

Nifty details, huge impact

Like to add texts to your captures? Then you've got to try the new Snap! Text boxes now auto-resize so adding well-formatted comments has become a no-brainer. The numbering tool now auto-resets so you no longer have to do it manually. Even better: The editor now remembers its size and location so you can always continue exactly where you left off. And one more thing: The visual guidelines that help you precisely align your selections during capturing are back, as you requested!

Smooth corners and elliptical screenshots

Fancy the modern Windows look and feel with smooth rounded corners? Snap 15 can do the same for any screenshot! But you wanted more, and we heard you: Snap 15 can even create elliptical screenshots right off the bat! Create modern-looking captures faster and in style, and experience next-level screenshot technology with Ashampoo Snap 15!

Program Details:

Capture modes
Create screenshots instantly
Create elliptical screenshots
Guidelines that help with precise screenshot selections
Simplicity meets power: new user interface
Use color picker to capture colors across applications
Create timed captures
Create collages from multiple screenshots
Full 32bit transparency support (RGBA)

Video capturing
Resolutions up to 4K
Optimized automatic settings
More customizable WMV recordings
Cut videos
Join video files
Turn video cuts into animated GIFs
Live edit video recordings with text and pen annotations
Display keyboard input during video recordings
Movable capture window during video recordings
Provide comments with microphone during webcam recording
Freely adjust webcam display position and size
Timed video capturing
Use counter to limit recording length
Pause and continue recordings
View length of recording
Real-time adjust capture area during recording
Capture webcam
Add mouse click effects

Extract text from images with text recognition
Use OCR to create text objects and copy to system clipboard
Text recognition support for 7 languages (Japanese, English, French, German, Spanish, Turkish, Russian)

Improved handling
Freely position the magic eye along screen edges
Editor retains size and position
Fully Windows 11 compatible
New well-laid-out settings dialog
Capture multiple monitors up to 4k resolution
New hotkeys and screenshot settings
Capture system clipboard images that were copied in a browser window
Create animated GIFs, e.g. for memes
User-defined hotkeys for various functions
Optimized for current processors
All objects/settings remain editable thanks to smart background versioning
Smarter work environment with intelligent background versioning for maximum file safety
More performance through multi-core support

Ashampoo Snap webspace
Export all objects to Photoshop
Integrate external applications for image editing and processing
Set custom application for PSD files
Upload to Ashampoo Web and share unique internet links, now with support for videos
Integrated Ashampoo webspace uploader

Editing mode
Add texts and comments more easily
Apply versatile auto-numbering
Create Windows 11 inspired screenshots with rounded corners
Brand-new image editor
Full DPI awareness
Free display selection for edit mode
New formatting options for numbered buttons
Work with different DPI settings across multiple displays
Copy objects to system clipboard while in edit mode
Copy objects between screenshots
Work with curved arrows and lines for maximum flexibility
Insert locally saved images into screenshots
Clone objects for simple reuse
Select screenshot colors with color picker

I would like to Thank Ashampoo Team for sponsoring this giveaway exclusive for our Promo2day Members.

Giveaway Details:

Number of Licenses: 5 (40$ each license)

Giveaway Duration:  3 Weeks

Winners will be selected by


To have a chance to be one of our lucky winners, please Register and follow these simple rules:

1. Share this Giveaway on Facebook or Twitter. If you don't have account; share on other forum.

2. Reply to this topic with your share link and comment: Why you want to win a license? Favorite features in the application

Your share MUST include title of the giveaway and share link of the giveaway topic so that others know about

3. PM me within 3 days after winners announcement.

4. [OPTIONAL] Follow our accounts on social media

Good Luck!
I want to win because I'm gonna use it capture screenshots and videos.
One feature that I like is to Create GIFs from any video and share these to Social Media sites like FaceBook.
And I need to update to the latest version for security reasons because I'm using Ashampoo Snap 14 thank you.

I would like to win a liense of this awesome software because I need a professional software to capture screenshots and videos with the ability to add live-annotable recordings with texts, drawings and voice narration.

Sorry...duplicate post sent by mistake....
Thanks for the  Ashampoo Snap 15 contest , I like the breeze editing of captures.

Share Link
Thank you for the contest.
I want to win an Ashampoo Snap 15 license to take screenshots and record videos from your screen, capture an image or video and add additional information using the built-in editor.
My favorite features in the app:
- Capture the entire screen, a single window, or a selected area.
- Real-time video editing with voice recording.
- Text recognition support.
- Securely send screenshots and videos via email or to the cloud.

Twitter Share
Thank you tarekma7  for arranging the promotion and the opportunity to participate in it

Ashampoo Snap 15, capturing or videos almost feels like magic! Anything you see on your screen is faithfully captured along with numerous smart settings. The built-in editor takes care of post-processing and file management. Snap also gives you multiple tools to make your more meaningful: Auto-numbering, comments, shapes, cliparts and other items help you tell your story visually and in style! Whether you're working from home, quickly need to explain a procedure or plan to create an entire tutorial, Snap 15 has got the tools you need!

Thank you very much for this wonderful giveaway.

I am currently using Ashampoo Snap 12. I want to win a newer version which has many great and useful features such as:
1. Modern editor with new design
2. New well-designed settings dialog
3. Ability to recognize text on images.

Good luck to all.

Thanks for the giveaway


I'd like to win a license of Ashampoo Snap 15 because the snipping tool integrated into Windows 11 is too poor in features, while Ashampoo Snap 15 has some unique features.

Favorite features:

-Video capturing up to 4K
-Join video files
-RGBA support
-Photoshop exports
Thanks for the giveaway. Thumb

I want to win because I am currently using Ashampoo 12 and would like to upgrade to Ashampoo 15.
My favorite features are:
Create timed captures.
Video capturing in resolutions up to 4K.
Fast and easy video cutting.
Smart desktop capturing and sharing.
Capture webcam.

My Share:Twitter

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