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Promo2day Contest Ashampoo Home Design 9
[Image: front_thumb.png]

Ashampoo Home Design 9 enables users to design, furnish and visualize their dream home, extension or redecoration on their PCs. The project wizard combined with multiple automatic features helps users get started quickly and greatly facilitates complex calculations. The extensive object catalog covers everything from furniture to electrical appliances and decorations. Every aspect of construction planning is covered. The impressive 3D view supports virtual tours to survey buildings already in the planning phase. Ashampoo Home Design 9 comes with professional-quality walls, ceilings, windows, doors, recesses, skylights, solar panels, chimneys as well as electrical appliances. Three design levels (2D, 3D, cross-section) provide maximum clarity at every planning step. The home design software also supports SketchUp and Collada imports for even more detailed furnishings. In version 9, it is now possible to copy buildings and floors between projects. Slides can also be copied and their print order adjusted. Powerful floor plan analysis and new correction functions protect against planning errors during the planning stage.

[Image: 7tOhOfU.jpeg]


- Access to multiple new objects through Google Sketchup and Collada model import
- Precise 3D previews for every planning step
- Plan roof-mounted photovoltaic installations easily
- Over 380 new symbols for electrical, gas, water and security appliances
- 3D preview with furniture, light and surroundings
- New numeric edit tools for walls, windows, and doors
- Additional window and door parts, shutter boxes, blinds, borders

System requirements:

Operating System
Windows 11, Windows 10
Systems with ARM processors are not supported.

An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.
Full administrative rights are required to use the program.


Version: 9.0.0
Release date: 2024/02/21
Update release date: 2024/02/20
Trial Period: 30 days


Price: EUR 50, USD 55


British English, Dutch, English, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Russian, Slovakian, Spanish, Turkish

Size: 1.870,00 MB

Program links:

Download link (.exe) (1.870,00 MB)

Product Website:

[Image: oP9YJoc.png]

[Image: xLQQmG0.png]

[Image: jzT8ttU.png]

Find out how easy and innovative home design can be with Ashampoo Home Design. Import and edit millions of 3D objects in formats such as SketchUp and Collada and make your visions a reality. Plan roof-mounted photovoltaic systems with intuitive assistants and virtually design rooms with a wide selection of furniture and decorations. Ashampoo Home Design takes the complicated math off your shoulders, so you can fully concentrate on the design. Explore your projects in a realistic 3D preview and use the user-friendly multi-function bar for efficient and precise results. Ashampoo Home Design is the reliable partner for all your home planning needs!

Millions of ready-to-use objects for perfect furnishing results

Ashampoo Home Design supports loading, editing and saving of various new 3D object formats. This gives you access to millions of 3D objects! Simply import them and add them to your designs! With support for SketchUp or Collada models, you can now instantly use numerous generic and brand-specific models.

Plan photovoltaic installations with ease!

Comfortable input aids help you plan sophisticated photovoltaic systems in minutes. For roof-mounted systems, you can already specify their layout, select modules from the object catalog and their placement during the setup phase. The program will automatically determine the settings for the roof as soon as you point at the target side. Once configured, the photovoltaic installation will be added to your plan.

Redecorate and view results instantly

Ashampoo Home Design is also the perfect tool to redecorate your house and garden. Layout furniture and decorations perfectly in advance and take a virtual tour. It's the easiest way to avoid nasty surprises and disappointment. Everything fits in harmonically. Thanks to a large selection of furniture, decorative elements and plants, you can give free reign to your creativity.

Complex calculations? Let the program do it for you!

Whether it's angle, length, area or volume calculations - you focus on the design, Ashampoo Home Design does the math. The program is not a mere drawing application but your ticket to highly accurate realistic models.

Fascinating 3D previews

The phenomenal 3D view allows you to take a virtual tour through your buildings - long before the first stone is laid. With Ashampoo Home Design, you move freely through your future home and take advantage of the realistic light and shadow simulation to find the perfect spots for your furniture. Visualize complex building constructions and get a glimpse of the way your future projects will look like today!

Fast and intuitive

Ashampoo Home Design uses a ribbon toolbar that groups all functions logically and thematically. This means you can quickly access each feature and since the program is optimized to make the best use of your system resources, even complex calculations and animations happen in a matter of seconds. What other home design software is this comfortable and precise?

I would like to thank Ashampoo team for sponsoring this giveaway for Promo2day members

Giveaway details:

No of Licenses: 5 licenses
Duration 4 weeks
Winners selection:


Reply here in this topic why you want to win a license

Share the giveaway on your social media and add the link in your reply

PM me within 3 days of winners selection

Good Luck for All!
Thanks for the giveaway


I'd like to win a license because I want to design the house of my dreams.
Anyone interested here??
Thanks for the Ashampoo Home Design 9 giveaway.

Excellent software for 3d home design. 

I have used 3d home design software in the past. Great to visualise a property. Also used as part of teaching English as a foreign language.  Currently doing DIY on my house. Great to visualise my ideas.

Top Features

1. Ashampoo Home Design 9 has an intuitive interface, making it easy to use even for non-tech-savvy individuals.
2. It allows for 3D visualization, providing a clear understanding of your home design.
3. Customization options are available to personalize your home design.
4. Pre-made templates are included to help you get started on your project.
5. Collaboration tools are featured for working with others on your design.
6. Realistic renderings are provided for a true-to-life representation of your design.
7. Landscaping tools are included for designing outdoor spaces.
8. Virtual tours are available for an immersive home design experience.
9. Cost estimation tools are provided to help you stay within your budget.

I want to win because I need Ashampoo Home Design 9 to build my own dream house in the future.

Thank you for the giveaway contest.

Thanks for the Giveaway!
Reply here in this topic why you want to win a license.
Ashampoo Home Design is the perfect tool to redecorate or redesign your house and plan your furniture and decorations.
With such great design program, I am eager to win this license and have a trial on it.

Share the giveaway on your social media and add the link in your reply.
Facebook sharing link :
Thanks for this contest, in case a home design is needed having multiple design to decide a final project can be done easily with Ashampoo Home Design 9.

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