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[Tutorial]Detailed Review-O&O ShutUp10++:Free Privacy Anti-tracking AntiSPY-April2024
[Tutorial]Detailed Review-O&O ShutUp10++:Free Privacy Anti-tracking AntiSPY-April2024
Stop Microsoft tracking you.

[Image: qXDZsQW.png]

What is O&O ShutUp10++ ?
O&O ShutUp10++ is a free anti-spy tool giving you full control over which functions/services under Windows 10 and Windows 11 are enabled/disabled. Using a very simple interface, you decide how Windows 10 and Windows 11 should respect your privacy by deciding which unwanted functions/services should be deactivated. 
  • Single click Enable/Disable
  • No installation required
  • Adapt your security settings
  • Protect your privacy
  • Control location services
  • Disable telemetry
  • Do not pass on your user data and diagnostics

Promo2day New Features added:-Table of Contents (TOC)Now includes Jump to specific sections and "Back to TOC".Each of these sections has a page separator line above and below the Section Link

The document contains 6 sections:-Click the section in the Table Of Contents (TOC) to Jump to that section header.Click the section header to jump back to TOC or the "Back to TOC" link.

Note:Currently, Jump to section links do not function in Tapatalk -They display the Code. Just scroll down.

Quote:Table Of Contents
  1. Program Description
  2. All Menu Images
  3. Current User Images
  4. Local Machine Images
  5. Using Search
  6. My two cents worth
  7. Links of interest

Click an Option to Jump to that section.
Click "Back to TOC" to Jump to the above TOC.

Program Description

Program Description:- Security program
Name:- O&O ShutUp10++
Current release version:- 1.9.1436
The current version was released:- October 24, 2023
Change Log:-
Operating System support:-  Windows 10 / 11
Windows client Download Size:- File size 1700KB

All Menu Images

Image loading....!
[Image: nYOwmD4.png]

Current User Images

O&O ShutUp10++ - Current User Images
Actions menu-Recommended and somewhat recommended.

The images are O&O ShutUp10++ Recommended and somewhat recommended settings.
You can manually Enable/Disable each setting.

Image loading....!
[Image: U8rLqle.png]

Local Machine Images

O&O ShutUp10++ - Local Machine Images
Actions Menu-Recommended and Somewhat Recommended.

Image loading....!

[Image: tIPbT0w.png]

Using Search

Using Search
Image loading....!
[Image: ybLcSI4.png]

My two cents worth

I have used O&O ShutUp10++ on several PC's and laptops with no issues at all, but Use at your own risk.
I would normally wipe and rebuild a computer/laptop and install a fresh copy of windows.
Manually Use Group Policy Settings, Windows Services, and Regedit disable un-needed services or just run O&O ShutUp10++.

I can run O&O ShutUp10++ and it secures/disables the major tracking services with a single click. 
No install required. Fast and easy.

Some changes will require a reboot.

Highly recommended.

Always, Run again after windows updates.

[Image: FYdDu0E.png]

Ensure you create System Restoration Point.  O&O ShutUp10++ will ask before doing your first changes.
You can force a  System Restoration Point using the Menu / Action / Create a System Restoration Point.

[Image: 8WGvsqf.png]

[Image: TBg9p3A.png]

Clicking on any settings gives a detailed description.
[Image: tAkIirH.png]

Links of interest

Added to My 2 Cents worth.

[Image: JlJ1v0g.png]

[Image: qakVnI2.png]
Added Using Search Section. and Jump to in the TOC.

[Image: P9t3LPH.png]

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