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This Little App Promises to Help Make Windows 10 More Secure
Win10 Security Plus is here to lend you a hand

There are so many apps out there supposed to help you optimize Windows 10 that it’s nearly impossible to tell which one is good and which one is not, but it goes without saying that each of them deserves a chance.

Win10 Security Plus ([b]Download here)[/b] is one such example, as it promises to help increase the security of Windows 10 by providing you with access to all features bundled into the operating system in this regard.

All you get is a simple window that groups all features and lets you quickly check and uncheck the options that you want, with a simple “Apply” button at the bottom of the screen enabling you to save the changes.

As you can see in this screenshot, the app doesn’t provide more than basic functionality and there’s certainly a lot to improve, especially when it comes to usability. While it’s a good thing that it offers access to so many options, it doesn’t offer any information on what exactly each setting does, so if you’re asking a beginner to tweak his Windows 10 install, it could really be a difficult task.

Clearly, Win10 Security Plus can improve a lot in future updates, but it’s still worth a shot if you don’t want to dig too deep in Windows 10 to find all these settings. And hopefully, the next versions would improve it even more so it becomes more user friendly.


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