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Personal Giveaway Kerish PC Doctor 38 Licenses (Each valid for 3 years)
[Image: uIhYAZ7.png]

Kerish PC Doctor is a complete care solution for computer maintenance that utilizes the most promising developments in this area.

Due to its unique system, Kerish PC Doctor prevents Windows crashes in real time and also safely fixes invalid entries of the system registry.

The application regularly performs a maximally thorough and safe cleaning of your system to eliminate accumulated digital "trash", thereby increasing the efficiency of your computer in the best way possible.

Kerish PC Doctor protects your PC against malware and potential vulnerabilities and monitors computer settings that are important from the point of view of security.

The Smart Update system promptly updates the application's databases, which are constantly being improved by our experts. Thanks to this system, the software suite is becoming more effective every day, making our solution the most promising in its class.

[Image: ZFzTAa6.jpg]

[Image: oPvrOJJ.jpg]

[Image: O7cqfGd.jpg]

[Image: ZfNgoOn.jpg]

Version 4.95: (16 November, 2023)

Product renamed to Kerish PC Doctor
New powerful hardware monitor
Desktop widget for hardware monitor
Monitoring the physical condition of the device battery
Monitoring the power supply voltage on the motherboard
Portable version install mode
Error fixing was upgraded: addded new category Control Panel
Improved garbage cleaning algorithms. Became more efficient
New category of digital garbage Delivery Optimization Files
Added auto-shutdown of PC by timer
Updated file shredder. Configuring information cleaning methods
Updated Internet Booster tool. Added new settings and improved interface
Added new recommendations to prevent user spying
Improved Real-time Failure Detection System
Added support for Touch screens
Interface improvements
Network code improved

Product page:

I have 38 Licenses of Kerish PC Doctor (Each valid for 3 years) Expiration date of license keys is May 02, 2027 to giveaway to our forum members.

If your interested in a license just follow the easy rules below.


1.) You must be a member of the Promo2day Forum to get a license.

2.) Non members can enter this giveaway but must first register to the forum HERE

3.) Share this giveaway (on social media or other forums)

4.) Leave a comment along with your share link of this giveaway below.

5.) I will be randomly sending licenses as members make a request and follow rules.
Minimum participation of the user. You can simply install and forget about any body movements on your part. Soft himself to take care of the acceleration and protection of the PC;
The maximum security when cleaning the file system so as not to remove important elements;
The system of preventive detection of failures. This is a unique technology that avoids errors in the work of a PC, which can cause freezing, rebooting;
Constant improvement of the application by updates. Developers try to improve their product, making positive changes to it
Thank You Mike for this very good PC optimization software giveaway.
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Kerish PC Doctor is among the best software for PC maintenance.

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Excellent for cleaning up my laptop.
Kerish Doctor the best optimizer  Rock'n'Roll
Thank you very much for another giveaway! Smile

Kerish Doctor is the best computer optimization program that exists! Smile

Effectively optimizes and removes unnecessary content on my computer! Smile

I need it to optimize my PC for better performance. Thanks for the giveaway.

The Best PC Optimizer! Thanks for the giveaway!
Kerish Doctor's reputation and qualities are well established.
If still relevant, I'll take a three-year key.
Thanks Mike for the giveaway.


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