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sentenced leaking death files 150 chinese 000 classified national

bazirollChinese National Sentenced to Death After Leaking 150,000 Classified Files
[Image: chinese-national-sentenced-to-death-afte...3241-2.jpg]
Huang Yu, 48, was sentenced to death after Chinese officials discovered he was selling classified documents to an unidentified foreign intelligence agency, Shanghai Daily reports citing a China Central Television (CCTV) news broadcast.

Between 2002 and 2004, Huang worked as a computer technician for a governmental research institute in China’s Sichuan Province. In 2004, Huang was fired from this institute for poor performance.

Following his abrupt dismissal, Huang decided to contact a foreign intelligence agency via the Internet and offered to sell classified documents that he obtained from his former workplace and had copies of at home.
"Huang recruited his wife and brother-in-law"

Huang then met with foreign agents over 21 times and transmitted over 150,000 classified documents that contained information about a cipher system developed at the research institute he worked for, but also about China's Communist Party leadership and the country's military and financial operations.

Huang collaborated with the agency until 2011, and he received $10,000 (€8,850) as an initial fee and then a monthly salary of $5,000 (€4,400). During his partnership and up until being arrested, Huang made over $700,000 (€620,000).

At one point, after seeing his collection of stolen file deplete, Huang also enlisted his wife and brother-in-law to help exfiltrate new files. Huang's had a job at a similar research institute while his brother-in-law was an employee at the same institute where Huang also worked in the past.
"It's unclear if Huang has been executed or not"

Authorities got suspicious of Huang following numerous trips outside China's borders to meet with the agents and after he amassed a huge wealth without being employed.

Huang was arrested in 2011, and no details about his trial have ever been released. CCTV said he was sentenced to death, but did not mention if the sentence was carried out.

Furthermore, Huang's wife also received a five-year prison sentence while his brother-in-law got three years in prison. Twenty-nine of Huang's former colleagues also received punishments, which CCTV had not elaborated on.

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