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Tech Tool store
Making Technicians lives easier
Tech tool store is an IT professional application which contains more than 500 free technician tools packed in a simple, fully featured interface.
It allows to configure, update, organize, and run the desired tools with just a few clicks. And if it doesn't have the tool you want, you can add it to the list in a few seconds. Other features include professional HTML reports and support for uninstalling the installable tools.[b]Read more...[/b]

[b][b]Prices for new license purchases


1-year license purchase: $30.00 USD.

2-year license purchase: $38.00 USD (10% OFF).

5-year license purchase: $60.00 USD (20% OFF).

Lifetime license purchase: $80.00 USD (100 years valid).


Note: New license purchases include:
  • 1 Tech Tool Store user license ($20.00 USD).

  • A license validity extension (the remaining of the price).

Prices for license extensions


1-year license extension: $10.00 USD.

2-year license extension: $18.00 USD (10% OFF).

5-year license extension: $40.00 USD (20% OFF).

Lifetime license extension: $60.00 USD (100 years valid).


What is a license extension?

When you purchase a Tech tool store license, you are buying the right to use the program. The license extension defines the duration of that right.
[b]After purchasing a Tech tool store license, you can extend its validity anytime by purchasing a new license extension. Any remaining validity time you have will be taken into account. That is: if you have 200 days left, and you purchase a 1-year license extension, you'll get 566 days left.[/b]

[b]Download page[/b]

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