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Mohammad[Official Giveaway] Voodoo Shield Pro
VOODOOSHIELD is a unique concept for protecting your computer. Instead of traditional security that blacklists the bad, Voodooshield whitelist the good. Voodooshield locks your computer it’s similar but different than a sandbox. Instead, any executable program that tries to run while you are browsing or checking email or running executable program in user space, Voodooshield will block from running and also let you decide if you want to keep it block or let it run.    

[Image: d8PJQPC.jpg]

Read full review here

I would like to say thanks to VoodooShield for sponsoring these license to our forum members.

Giveaway Details:

Duration of giveaway = 15 days.

Number of licenses = 14.

Validity of each license = 1 PC 2 YR.

Value of each license = $35.98 (almost $40).


1. Mandatory Only one entry per IP is permitted for this giveaway and use your real IP. If you use any VPN or Proxy then your entry will not be valid.

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4. If you don't want to take part in this giveaway please don't put a comment, it creates problems when we randomize winners.

5. You must send a PM to Mohammad with your Name and email ID within 5 days after winners announcement to claim your license otherwise your win will be void.

[Image: 149qwqo.jpg]

Please follow all rules and support us and our sponsors so we can bring many more good software giveaways to you.
Thanks for the giveaway, Mohammad. This is one of the best anti-executable software on the market today and the most user friendly. Perfect occasion for having it with all the functionalities enabled. I would love to tweak it my way. Big Grin

Below my share:

Thanks for the giveaway. Smile
My share: Twitter
Here is my entry, and thanks for the opportunity.
thanks for the competition and the opportunity to win this great program. Smile
Thank you Mohammad for the giveaway! Smile

[Image: uNbnB4Q.png][Image: gMqENvM.png][Image: JnBow2J.png]
Thanks mohammad for this giveaway, good work bro.
Count me in
Thanks so much for this GiveAway.

Thanks for the giveaway, Mohammad. I would like to win this software in order to have an elevated protection for my PC. I will use this alongside my AV.  Heart
Thanks for this giveaway


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