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tarekma7Announcement: Important issues for Giveaways
Hi all

As all we know and mentioned many times; members are not allowed to contact any developer on behalf of Promo2day whether asking for licenses for a giveaway or claiming their win

If you have any problem; for example you have not received your license; PM the staff here or the giveaway organiser

We have banned whizkidraj for this reason, now one of the winners sent emails to the developers asking for his win, again NO PATIENCE till license is sent. I even have not sent the winners' list to this developer yet!!!

This is break of our rules which is not accepted at all

Rules here:

The only thing that MUST be done is permanent BAN

Sorry but NO EXCUSES AT ALL!!! 

To summarize:

1. Any contact with developer without permission or repeated asking for the winners or attacking the staff = BAN Permanent

2. Any multiple claims = loss of win and warning

3. Repeated the same behavior = permanent ban from our giveaways

We just need help and cooperation from our respected members

I will not announce his name this time only!
I personally think you should ban this person Tarek if you know who it is. There are a few of these people who are out to ruin this forum and don't think we should tolerate it anymore. Like I said before there are a few trying to ruin it for all so it's time we weed them out.

Guys, be kind and tolerant, it is time to be generous during this period of the year.  Thumb
(12-06-2017 , 11:18 PM)dinosaur07 Wrote: Guys, be kind and tolerant, it is time to be generous during this period of the year.  Thumb

We are always kind, tolerant and generous dino.
which giveaway was?
he or she to hurry Tongue
he or she need Patience Tongue
OK... I guess that contestant got too excited. But rules are rules.

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