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pro pdf giveaway 2018 bundle exclusive ashampoo p2d office

Promo2day Contest [Exclusive P2D] Ashampoo Bundle Giveaway (Ashampoo Office 2018 / Ashampoo PDF Pro)
[Image: scr-ashampoo-office-2018-presentation.jpg]

It's everything an office suite should be: powerful and fully compatible!

We all know alternatives to Microsoft Office but do you know a low-priced Office that is fully compatible with both the latest and classic Microsoft formats? An office without compromise and no learning curve? Ashampoo Office 2018 is the fastest way to create documents, spreadsheets and presentations with all the comfort and features you'd expect from a full-fledged office suite. It's power meets compactness in the ultimate Office suite!

[Image: box_ashampoo_office_2018_800x800.png]

Fully compatible with Microsoft Office documents from version 6.0 to 2016
New ribbon style for lightning fast access to all features
Supports portable installation on flash drives

[Image: scr-ashampoo-office-2018-compatibility.jpg]

Product info

Name: Ashampoo Office 2018
Version: 18.0.3721
Release date: 11/12/2017
Update release date: 08/01/2019
Price: EUR 69.99, USD 69.99
Trial Period: 40 days (10 days + 30 days after email registration)
Category: Office Software
Size: 294,30 MB


Product Website:

Download: (294,30 MB)

MS Office or Ashampoo Office 2018 - two office suites, one format!

[Image: scr-ashampoo-office-2018-ms-office-compatible.png]

Spare yourself the hassle of manual imports and exports: Ashampoo Office 2018 uses Microsoft Office formats like DOCX, XLSX and PPTS as defaults. This means you can directly edit your Ashampoo Office documents in Microsoft Office without the need for conversion while preserving the original formatting to a T.


[Image: scr-ashampoo-office-2018-skins.jpg]

Use it on up to 5 PCs in your household

If you use Ashampoo Office 2018 at home, you can run it on up to 5 PCs! A single license is enough to provide your entire family with a powerful office suite! If you use it comercially though, it's one license per installation.

It doesn't get any easier: the new ribbon style in Ashampoo Office 2018

The modern ribbon interface makes a huge feature set easily accessible for users. And by the way: the ribbon mode still allows you to access all features through the menu. This makes the transition from the classic interface extra easy. If you don't want to switch: the classic interface is still there. It's your choice!

Perfect word processing: TextMaker 2018

TextMaker 2018 is the modern word processor for any type of document - greeting card, brochure, business letter or entire thesis. The unique object mode allows you to freely position graphics, drawing and text in your document. The real-time word counter helps match any length requirements and native support for DOCX ensures your files with always work with Microsoft Word. Finished documents can not only be printed but also exported as PDFs or ebooks.

[Image: scr-ashampoo-office-2018-textmaker-edit-document.jpg]

[Image: scr-ashampoo-office-2018-textmaker-business-cards.jpg]

Masterful spreadsheets: PlanMaker 2018

The powerful PlanMaker 2018 makes creating calculations, tables and charts incredibly easy. From simple timetables to extensive finance planning for you company, PlanMaker has got you covered. Syntax highlighting and formula validation help you quickly find and eliminate any errors. With more than 350 built-in calculations, easy table handling and support for huge worksheets with over 1 million rows as well as pivot tables, PlanMaker 2018 can take on any calculation. And the program uses the XLSX - the format used by Microsoft Excel!

[Image: scr-ashampoo-office-2018-planmaker-graph.jpg]

[Image: scr-ashampoo-office-2018-planmaker-chart.jpg]

Captivating presentations: Presentations 2018

Use Presentations 2018 to create presentations that never fail to impress. Breath-taking animations and slide transitions coupled with a mature slide master concept help you take on any project. Create any number of master layouts with multiple placeholders in just a few clicks. Not only will this give your slides a consistent look but it also ensures full compatibility with PowerPoint. Numerous ready-made design templates customizable at the click of a button take the design work off your shoulders. Spice up your presentations with graphics, charts, sounds, videos and animations. Since Presentations uses the common PPTX file format, interoperability with Microsoft PowerPoint is guaranteed.

[Image: scr-ashampoo-office-2018-presentations-presentation.jpg]

[Image: scr-ashampoo-office-2018-presentations-slides.jpg]

Let your documents speak for themselves: with intuitive handling, a gigantic feature set and excellent performance, Ashampoo Office 2018 delivers first-rate results fast!

It's everything an office suite should be: powerful and fully compatible!

Discover the new Ashampoo Office 2018, the true alternative to MS Office! Work with full compatibility - our office suite knows and uses all common Microsoft formats. Work with classic menus or a modern ribbon style, the choice is yours! The new Ashampoo Office 2018 is also touchscreen-optimized and more user-friendly than ever before. With smart fold-out menus, a learning start bar and enhanced spell checking, you will finish your documents with unparalleled speed!

New Features:

Fully compatible with Microsoft Office documents from version 6.0 to 2016
The perfect alternative to Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint
Support for classic view and modern view with ribbons
Incredible ease of use with fold-out elements
Quick-access toolbar with most frequently used elements
Fully-usable on touchscreens
Supports portable installation on flash drives
Pin important documents for permanent access
Send mails in Microsoft-compatible formats

TextMaker:  Enhanced and more flexible spell checker

TextMaker: Real-time word counter in status bar
TextMaker: Ingeniously easy adding of page numbers to headers and footers

PlanMaker: New TMDV and PRDX file formats for even more possibilities
PlanMaker: More versatile spreadsheet templates 
PlanMaker: Numerous new formatting options

Presentations: Handy presenter view for presentations
Presentations: Use slide masters comparable to PowerPoint
Presentations: Work creatively with images and movies



Real-time preview of formatting changes and in file chooser
PDF forms, tagged PDFs, and bookmarks in PDF files
Export to the E-book format EPUB
Version management that keeps a freely selectable number of versions of each file and enables you to revert to any previous version
Create and print labels from the database
Opens and saves DOCX files of Microsoft Word 2010 lossless
Cross references to headings or text
Preview of templates in File > New
The color of the workspace can be adjusted freely
Automatic superscripting of ordinal numbers (2nd, 3rd etc.)
Jump to the next or previous spelling or grammar mistake
Additional number formats in enumerations and fields
More TextArt variants
Hide unwanted fonts for uncluttered font lists
Improved formatting of calculations and fields
New Microsoft Office 2010 AutoShapes are supported
The sidebar enables quick navigation and formatting within a document
Zoom slider in the status bar to quickly adjust the zoom level
AutoFormat for tables
Preview of stylesheets with a list of all formatting included
Styles can be directly created from the formatting of a text and also be updated
Crop pictures directly in TextMaker
Legends and list of figures
Antialiasing for all graphics and drawings


Open and save XLS and XLSX files from Microsoft Excel 5.0 to 2013 faithfully to the original, including password-protected files
Scale the printout so that it fits on a specified number of pages (five different scaling methods)
More than 350 calculation functions
With pivot tables you can display data in a targeted way according to your individual specifications, summarize them, sort them into categories, compare and evaluate them
Sort by up to 64 columns
Live preview formatting changes
Conditional formatting with numerous new features
Colored tabs for worksheets
Images can be cropped directly in the worksheet
More than 80 different chart types
Lossless import of XLSX files (Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010)
User-defined numeric formats exactly as in Microsoft Excel
User-defined numeric formats exactly as in Microsoft Excel
“Text to columns“: Splits text in cells according to a specified separator across multiple columns.
Remove duplicate or empty rows with just one click
External references (referring to cells in other files)
Excel compatible functions: “copy down“ and “copy from left”
New Microsoft Office 2010 AutoShapes are supported
Chart types: stock chart and boxplot
Create charts on separate chart sheets
Save charts as image files
Zoom slider in the status bar to quickly adjust the zoom level
More calculation functions (AverageIf and IfError)
More TextArt variants
Hide unwanted fonts for uncluttered font lists
New graphic effects like reflections, smooth shadows and transparency
Crop pictures directly in PlanMaker
Impressive new graphic effects for charts: smooth shadows, smooth edges, and transparency


Open and save PPT and PPTX files from Microsoft Powerpoint 97 to 2013 faithfully to the original, including password-protected files
File chooser dialog with document live preview
Version management allows users to restore any previous document state
Preview formatting changes live
Built-in image cropping
Realistic photo frame effect
Insert charts (80 chart types in 2D and 3D)
Fullscreen presentations
Open and save PPTX files of PowerPoint 2007 and 2010 lossless
Open and save password-protected PPT- and PPTX files
Design masters can be easily copied in the master slide view
Zoom slider in the status bar to quickly adjust the zoom level
New Microsoft Office 2010 AutoShapes are supported
Play sound files as background music across several slides
The color of workspace can be adjusted freely
More elegant design templates
More TextArt variants
Hide unwanted fonts for uncluttered font lists
Crop pictures directly in Presentations
Antialiasing for editing and presentation
Add your own picture compilations Numerous attractive design templates

Languages supported:

[Image: hW8ZG0W.png]

System Requirements:

Operating System:

Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7


Any computer that supports the above operating systems.


An Internet connection is required to activate the program. The program license is verified repeatedly at regular intervals.
Full administrative rights are required to use the program

Press release:



[Image: Ak1yc55.png?1]

Ashampoo PDF Pro creates, edits and converts PDF documents. PDFs are now as easily editable as Word documents and users can modify them the same way they would modify text documents in a word processor. Ashampoo PDF Pro also supports document conversion into multiple popular formats (Microsoft Word, RTF, HTML, EPUB, JPEG etc.) to make contents more accessible. Embedded graphics and drawings are easily replaceable and the integrated find and replace feature supports both text and font styles. Working with multiple files is effortless thanks to drag and drop merging and support for PDF portfolios and photo albums. 
The integrated text recognition (OCR) instantly converts scanned text into computer-editable text. Word processing is highly versatile with support for wrapping text around objects, powerful spell checking and auto-hyphenation. Inserting, moving, cropping, masking and deleting individual images is also possible. Sensitive information can be blacked out and documents protected with AES encryption. With the included printer driver, PDFs can be created from virtually any Windows application.

[Image: IFbyZkK.png?1]

Key Features:

View all PDF documents
Manage PDF files with ease
Edit PDFs as comfortable as MS Word documents
Post-edit your documents in MS Word or other formats
Built-in revision control and spell checker
Format, revise and recompose with ease
Built-in PDF printer driver for maximum flexibility
Edit and annotate PDFs collaboratively
Insert and edit graphics and drawings
Replace single words or phrases in just seconds
Instantly access and use text blocks
Fill out and print forms inside the application

Secure 128 bit encryption
Create PDF from any application


Product Website:

System requirements:

Operating System: Windows 10, Windows 8 / 8.1, Windows 7
An Internet connection is required to activate the program.


[Image: CduZ4kc.png]

Size: 206,97 MB

Current version: 1.0.7

Release date: 20/09/2017

Update release date: 01/11/2018

[Image: AYTD3QB.jpg]

Trial Period: 30 days (10 days + 20 days after email registration)

[Image: kxZKFNv.png]


[Image: 6Aw7RCN.png]

User Interface:

The program has a very friendly, easy to use interface with the first three toolbars and the status bar are shown by default, the others are hidden. You can show any toolbars from the option located under view menu

[Image: RVwPyk7.png]

Languages Supported: 

German, English, Dutch,  , French, Hungarian,  Russian , Polish , Italian , Portuguese , Spanish , Slovenian , Czech , Chinese (simplified), Chinese (traditional) , Romanian , Slovakian , Finnish ,Serbian Serbian

Price: USD 69.99

Feature highlights:

Merge PDF documents into a single file        
Drag and drop to merge PDF documents into a single file    
Create PDF portfolios 
Drag and drop images to create entire photo albums 
Automatic text wrapping        
Track document changes        
Built-in spell checker 
Use auto-hyphenation 
Insert pages     
Crop pages      
Apply page numbering           
Sort, delete and rotate pages   
Use headers and footers         
Apply watermarks      
Crop/Mask embedded images 
Find and replace fonts 
Find and replace across documents    
Search hyperlinks

[Image: nNj9Y8C.jpg?1]

Work Mode:

Ashampoo PDF can operate in three different modes according to your needs. Sometimes you want to read PDF files without fear of making accidental edits. The program allows you to easily avoid this problem. In this way, you can limit the changes made to a PDF. The three modes available include:

View mode: A PDF cannot be altered at all in this mode. All editing, document assembly and commenting is disabled. Only functions associated with viewing such as find, layers and bookmarks are available. 

Comment mode: In this mode you can add or edit comments only. For example; sticky notes, highlights and so on.

Edit mode (default): this is the normal editing mode. All tools are available for use in this mode. 

Create new document:

This is accessible from file menu. You can create blank document, portfolio or from scanner

[Image: uuJQ2tY.png]



[Image: PlRNofx.jpg]

With Ashampoo PDF, creating, editing and annotating PDF documents becomes just as easy as exporting them for further processing in Microsoft Word or other applications. Ashampoo PDF always delivers excellent results - whether you're working with text and images, replace fonts, modify layouts or rearrange the pages in a document.


[Image: ZWH0owI.jpg]


Ashampoo PDF converts your PDFs into text documents editable with MS Office or Ashampoo Office. HTML, EPUB, JPG or RTF are also supported as output formats. (simply use export option located under file menu).  To change the output format, select Format button.
Ashampoo PDF Professional furthermore supports optical character recognition to convert your scans into editable and searchable documents.


Edit and annotate PDFs collaboratively

Ashampoo PDF makes it easy to add comments to PDF documents, illustrate important details and highlight individual passages with the marker tool. It also comes with ready-to-use stamps like "Approved!" or "Confidential!".

[Image: LbJiIuL.png]


Insert and edit graphics and drawings

Working with graphics and drawings is easy with Ashampoo PDF. Insert, edit, move and crop objects as needed. You can even use them as watermarks to protect your intellectual property or clone them for easy reuse.

Simply powerful: find and replace

[Image: Q6lyjh5.png]

Replace single words or phrases in just seconds

The find and replace feature in Ashampoo PDF goes beyond that of other PDF applications. Aside from text, you can also replace fonts to quickly modify the visual appearance of your documents. Ashampoo PDF even enables you to apply this feature across multiple files, e.g. to replace or update hyperlinks globally.

Flexible text editing

Built-in revision control and spell checker

Ashampoo PDF allows you to modify, add, delete and format entire paragraphs and pages of text. If required, the built-in change log will highlight all modifications for easy revision. The integrated spell checker does away with typos and auto-hyphenation ensures your texts will look good.

Rearrange pages

Format, revise and recompose with ease
Revising documents is a breeze with Ashampoo PDF. Rearrange and delete or crop and rotate individual pages as you see fit. You can even insert pages from other PDF documents or combine multiple documents into a single file.


[Image: WuuO0m6.png]

[Image: OP75Swv.png]


Ashampoo PDF Professional comes with a powerful OCR engine to recognize and convert images of text, e.g. on-screen or scanned documents, into computer-editable text. You can then edit the results in Ashampoo PDF or send them to Microsoft Word for further processing.



Ashampoo PDF can create high-quality PDFs from any Windows application. Simply click "Print" and select the included Ashampoo PDF virtual printer. If size matters, Ashampoo PDF can automatically downsample images, e.g. to facilitate online publishing.


[Image: vdVhgB5.png]

[Image: Jq0R1VM.png]


Ashampoo PDF can protect your documents with strong 128-bit AES encryption to prevent others from opening, editing or printing them. You decide what readers will be able to do with your documents! Do your files include confidential text or graphics? Black them out permanently with Ashampoo PDF.

Perfect forms

Fill out and print forms inside the application

Not only does Ashampoo PDF allow you to fill out interactive forms but it also supports the more common forms that were created as PDF documents as used by various government agencies. Save time and fill out your forms on your PC instead of printing and filling them out the old-fashioned way.

Joining multiple PDFs

Ashampoo PDF pro can quickly join multiple PDF documents into a single document. The process is very easy. All you have to do is to drag and drop any number of PDF files onto an open empty Ashampoo PDF window. You can add files or even folders that include many PDF files. You can also rearrange the files before joining

PDF photo albums:

The program has a built-in feature that lets you drag and drop any number of images onto Ashampoo PDF and the software will create a new PDF in which each page shows one of the images dropped.

Document properties:

[Image: GfxaW1b.png]

The program gives you information about the settings, dates, author and other information of the current PDF. It is easily seen under document menu.

[Image: tJfBo5c.png]

Page operations:

[Image: rFOP7oY.png]


[Image: eNglhMy.png]

Drawing tools:

[Image: TLY2HmX.png]

Page extraction:

[Image: oeEbuU6.png]

User Restrictions:

[Image: AeigxaA.png]

This is a built-in feature which helps to limit how users interact with the template. For example, you can limit the fonts used for editing. The process is very easy. Simply click on User Restrictions located under document menu and select the options you need then save. That’s all!

To see a complete history of all the modifications done in all the document pages, simply use change Log present in document menu.

Word count:

[Image: mh8ev4j.png]

You can check the total word count in your document using this useful feature. It is located under document menu

Right Click Menu:

[Image: 0wUeg3w.png]

Program Settings (Preferences):

These are easily accessible under file menu. There are 4 main options; spelling, editing, saving and loading

[Image: DErxSdT.png]

[Image: 3kK1vdG.png]

[Image: trdR5xD.png]

[Image: o3xP9cy.png]
We have an EXCLUSIVE First on the Web Giveaway of this Ashampoo Bundle Software

Ashampoo Office 2018 is bundled with PDF Pro in ONE GIVEAWAY 

Stay Tuned for the Giveaway Details and Rules

Coming Soon.....Visit us daily

Number of Licenses :  3

Validity of each license:  Lifetime/ Perpetual 

Value of each license:   $69.99 for Each application

Giveaway Duration:  3 weeks

Winner selection:


Reply here what is your current Office and PDF software and why you want to win a free license to Ashampoo office 2018 and PDF Pro

Share the giveaway on your social media or other forums

PM me within 2 days of winners announcement to claim your license


Subscribe to our newsletter RSS FeedBurner and have all news delivered to your email 

Follow us on social media and never miss any giveaway or news [see links in signature] 

Support Promo2day to have more exclusive Giveaways

Good Luck for ALL!
Giveaway is OPEN
i like ashampoo software so i like to win
Master PDF Editor+open office
thank you so much Heart


Thank you for the review and the giveaway! I am using LibreOffice as an office suite and an old version of Wondershare PDFelements for pdf editing. Both have some minor issues and I find LibreOffice somehow slower then most of its competitors. Ashampoo Is a well known for its high quality products company. I would like to win Ashampoo Office 2018 and Ashampoo PDF Pro and switch to them.
Thank you for arranging the promotion and the opportunity to participate in it

As a PDF reader I am currently using Foxit Reader, and my office package is SoftMaker office 2012 so I would like to use better versions of the software

Giveaway will be temporarily closed

This is an exclusive giveaway, winners will have 2 licenses for FREE

Ashampoo office is very RARE Giveaway
I will restart this giveaway again for specific time, if no interest from our members with few replies in this EXCLUSIVE giveaway

It will be cancelled

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