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Promo2day Contest [Mac/iPhone/iPad] Rizen:Habit Tracker, Planner: Review and Giveaway (Lifetime/Annual)
[Image: tO6RV5Z.png]

Rizen is a powerful tool to map out your life mission and goals. It is your personal habits manager and task tracker

Find your passion or your life's work
Figure out your final destination
Set up and focus on your preferences
Prioritize tasks according to your Mission
Chase dreams, plan for success, savor victories.  
Set achievable goals, and design a roadmap. 
Prioritize well-being with mindful choices. 
Nourish the body, explore the mind. 
Define desires, and set boundaries with Rizen

The Rizen App was built on the famous Japanese productivity philosophy Kaizen. The concept of Kaizen improves everyday procedures, making tasks and achieving goals more fulfilling, less tiring, and more productive.

The inclusion of the word ‘Zen’ encourages several interpretations for individuals interested in achieving goals. The idea is to aim for small and consistent growth each day. Your daily efforts and progress would eventually lead to significant results.

The researchers concluded that Kaizen philosophy could develop a ‘harmony between body and mind, focus on what is really important, make your life more balanced and successful.

Small things, done consistently, create change. Rizen Habit Tracker is a science-backed approach to make new habits last for good. Master the Kaizen principles for living a better, smarter, and more fulfilling life.

Rizen App teaches you to navigate through life with an open mind and optimizing your daily tasks for continuous improvements. Using this approach gives you a better chance of reaching the desired goals. Otherwise, you cling to traditional techniques and the hope that things will change when you find a secret solution. When, in reality, everything in the natural world progresses slowly to create a significant change.

According to the Pareto Principle, ‘80% of production generates from 20% efforts’. The Kaizen philosophy encourages us to use this same strategy when it discusses the elimination of ‘wastefulness.’ You can do this by identifying futile tasks and time-consuming chores within your daily routine. Once you recognize these tasks, replace them with something meaningful.

[Image: 4erV4SC.png]

How does it work?

- Use the Eisenhower decision matrix to prioritize your tasks
- Pomodoro technique will help you to focus on tasks and take a break every 25 minutes
- Define your Goals
- Build good habits 
that will change your life with Rizen Habit Tracker
- Free your Mind from Routines, the Rizen App will remember all
- Focus on what is really Important
- Organize your Tasks with with Kaizen approach kanban boards
- Schedule your weeks and months wisely
- Boost your daily productivity with Throughput Chart
- Share tasks with others with inbox feature
- Now Available on Mac, iOS, iPad. All your data is automatically synced between your devices!




Prioritise tasks with Eisenhower Decision Matrix:

[Image: rS0Lz6R.png]

Use the 'Do First,' 'Schedule,' 'Delegate,' and 'Eliminate' quadrants to sort affairs by their importance to you.
Later you'll plan those tasks on a Kanban board.

Pomodoro technique

[Image: hCSR0uA.png]

Our Focus mode is based on the Pomodoro technique allows you to focus on work every 25 minutes, and take 5-min. break

Kanban board for wise task managers

[Image: OLtsTYo.png]

Plan your tasks across yearly and monthly Kanban boards with predefined lists, like Today, Todo, Scheduled, Waiting for me, Waiting for others, Done

Habits management

[Image: 6zg4I3T.png]

Using habits, you're able to automate task building. Use monthly, daily, or custom periods. Every task made by habit will be automatically created in monthly Kanban boards.

Goal tracker

[Image: MxnhxJw.png]

Define your goals and fill them with habits and tasks. As soon as you complete tasks, track the goal progress.

Life's Mission chart

[Image: yqwTbzT.png]

The Mission chart shows how many tasks you perform on activities that correspond to your life mission and how many tasks distract you from the mission.

Throughput monitoring

[Image: zudpN9R.png]

The Throughput chart shows how many tasks you perform daily or monthly. Compare how effective you are between calendar periods.

With Rizen, you will Discover the power of SMART goals:

Specific: Define what you want to achieve.
Measurable: Make your goal quantifiable.
Achievable: Ensure your goal is realistic.
Relevant: Your goal should align with your objectives.
Time-bound: Set a clear deadline.

Rizen on Social Media:

I would like to thank Nataliia Shevchenko Account Manager from Keepsolid Inc. for sponsoring this Anniversary giveaway for the Promo2day members and readers.

Giveaway Details:

I have 5 (Lifetime Licenses) + 5 (1-Year Licenses) of Rizen - Habit Tracker, Planner to giveaway.

These licenses are valued at $12.00 for each 1-Year license and $39.99 for each Lifetime License.


1.) You must be a member of the Promo2day Forum to enter this giveaway.

2.) Post a comment along with your share link of this giveaway (on social media or other forums) if possible.

3.) The giveaway begins October 17, 2023 and entry will end November 15, 2023.

4.) The winners will then be selected by using the List Randomizer and selected winners must claim his/her win within 3 days of the draw or the win will be void and new winners will be chosen.

5.) Non members can enter this contest but must first register to the forum HERE

Good Luck to all
The software has a very impressive, intuitive, and vivid interface.
I use Rizen to organize my schedule and optimize my work.
More interested users here?
Yes, I am interested, as per your review, its very good software,

Very good review and giveaway Thumb
I can't use this since I'm an android/windows guy, however my sis is an HR and she could find a lifetime subscription for this tool very useful, she works on a Mac and is into the whole Apple ecosystem, The UI and graphs has a modern look, Not sure if this app allows to import data from other similar tools, but the sync feature is pretty cool.

I like this app and i believe it will help me to track my tasks and manage my personal habits better.

I also like its UI and:-
 Discover the power of SMART goals:

Specific: Define what you want to achieve.
Measurable: Make your goal quantifiable.
Achievable: Ensure your goal is realistic.
Relevant: Your goal should align with your objectives.
Time-bound: Set a clear deadline.
More replies are required here
i am interested i just checked it
Yes, I am interested, as per your review, its very good software,

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