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Comodo is proud to offer our EDR as open source
https://www.openedr.com/?hss_channel=tw-19257473          Join our OpenEDR

Comodo is proud to offer our EDR as open source because we feel strongly that as cyber-threats increase, every company should have access to this capability regardless of their budget or ability to purchase it   
OpenEDR is an Open Source initiative started by Comodo

We at OpenEDR believe in creating an open source cybersecurity platform where products and services can be provisioned and managed together. EDR is o
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How to check if your IP address is in the spam list?
How to check if your IP address is in the spam list?

[size=large]As you all know, the IP address plays a very important role in communicating with trusted parties on the Internet. If you know someone's IP address, you can use it to create nasty behavior, which is illegal. But most of us work with dynamic IPs using our broadband connections, and IT managers use static IPs in companies. There are also times when we use our homes to configure our
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Privacy Analyzer See what data is exposed from your browser.
Privacy Analyzer
See what data is exposed from your browser.

[color=#2c3656][size=large][font=Nunito Sans]What information can a website find out about you when you visit it? A lot more than you probably realize. This tool lists information that any website, advertisement, and widget can collect from your web browser. Such information could
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Skywire VPN BETA is here!
[Image: https://c.radikal.ru/c29/2010/74/f42f5138eef5.jpg]

Skywire VPN BETA

Skywire VPN

[size=medium][color=#07172e][font=Skycoin, sans-serif]The Skywire dev team is excited to release the Skywire VPN client in beta. This greatly anticipated feature will simplify the ability to make use of the privacy, security, and end-to-end encryption of Skywire. User
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What is Signal-to-Noise Ratio and How to Measure it
What does SNR Mean

Of course, the first thing when asking about how to fix “signal to noise ratio” issues is to delve into just what SNR means. Signal to Noise is a measurement of how much relevant WiFi signal there is compared to any other signals that can get in the way.

Usually, when dealing with WiFi issues, there are two main problems:

Dead spots: Places where our signal can’t reach. This can be because of distance to the WiFi router, the materials the building is made out o
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Halloween Sale is on! Up to 40% Off!
While October is full of fun and interesting observances, this one final day of the month gets all the attention. The scary yet interesting Halloween is coming close, once every year on the 31st of October. It’s time everybody gets really excited about trick or treat, Jack-O’Lantern, and candy bags.

[color=#141414][size=small]For celebrating Halloween this year, Tunelf releases special sales, and this Halloween activity has been published on the websi
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Microsoft is planning a big refresh to the Windows 10 UI with 'Sun Valley' in 21H2
Now that Windows 10 20H2 has started rolling out, what comes next? Windows 10X in the spring and Windows 10 21H2 with some big UI changes in the fall?

With Windows 10 20H2 done and starting to roll out to users, everyone wants to know what's next. Based on recent patterns, it should be Windows 10 21H1 -- the "spring" feature update for Windows 10, followed by an incremental 21H2 "fall" feature update. But the arrival of Windows 10X is going to shift the Windows landscape in 2021.

While it
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Hacker is selling 34 million user records stolen from 17 companies
[Image: https://i.imgur.com/op6ZgWL.jpg]

[quote]A threat actor is selling account databases containing an aggregate total of 34 million user records that they claim were stolen from seventeen companies during data breaches.

On October 28th, a data breach broker created a new topic on a hacker forum to sell the stolen user databases for seventeen companies.

In a conversation with BleepingComputer, the seller told us that they were not responsible for hacking into the seventeen companie
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Maze Ransomware Group Announces it is Shutting Down Operations
[quote]The notorious Maze ransomware group claims to be shutting down operations in an announcement published on their website. The group is one of the most active data stealing ransomware groups. Yet the group claims they did not setup operations to extort businesses for financial gain. Rather to highlight the lax security measures utilized by their victims.
Maze Ransomware’s History
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Twitch is running a PSA for people using ad-blockers on the site, and nobody’s happy
Twitch is running a PSA for people using ad-blockers on the site, and nobody’s happy
Twitch has started serving them to uBlock users every 10 or 20 minutes
By Bijan Stephen Nov 3, 2020, 12:43pm EST      Ads are important on Twitch in the same way they’re important on any website that relies on advertisers for revenue. (Hello from Vox Media.) But it is a war. Ad-blockers keep websites ad-free, and the