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5 programs free from The Golden Section labs
5 programs free from The Golden Section labs

GoldenSection Notes
GoldenSection Reader
GoldenSection DataServer

Get it here:

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Malware Section
This section is concerned with anything related to malware. For example you can post:

1. Malware removal guide

2. Malware news (newly discovered, ...)

3. Malware analysis and test

4.  Malware URLs

And any other subjects related to Malware

If you have experience in testing and analysis of malware we are in need for new team member (security team)

This is announced here:

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Rules in Member Shared Reviews Section
All reviews here must be original and NOT copied from any website, forum or blog

All reviews will be moderated by staff member and approved to be published online

Again, no deal or contact with any developer for any kind of licenses without staff permission:


Reviews must not be posted in any other site including your personal website

Search before posting a new review. If
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Online Shopping Section
Hi All

I started this section to share everything about online shopping. You can post anything you need about online shopping. For example of interesting topics:

For example : amazon, AliExpress, other sites 

What is your experience with purchase online?

Problems which you have during purchase online

Personal experience with some websites, services,,,,,

How you complete your purchase?  for example Bitcoin, credits, Banks......

Sure many users are asking these questions befor
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Social Media Section
Hi All

I started this section with the aim of sharing anything related to social media

For example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social sharing websites

You can post anything , for example; personal experience, problem, question, interesting topic, anything you want

You can also ask about anything related to this area

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Sports Section
Hi All

I started this section to share and post news about anything related to sports

For example; Football, Basketball,....
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Hardware Section
Hi All

I started this section as I feel it is important for many users

We can share any information related to hardware

For example:

Laptops, hard drive, cameras, scanners , printers, VR ....and many more

Sure, before you are going to purchase a new hardware, you need to ask your friends about their experience, any problems they have, best price,....and many more

Also, you can post your hardware problem here
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Boxer news
[2020] Mike Tyson's 53 year old coaching! Incredible Speed / Training Motivation!

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NEW Rules in Contest Section: Read to avoid disqualification
Hi All

In all my future Contests including the currently running, all users must follow these rules

1. Registered before the start of the giveaway

2. Have at least 2 threads and 3 posts outside the giveaway section, one of the posts is member introduction here:


3. Read the rules carefully as share link is sometimes mandatory with specific code and mention

4. Don't send many claims, only once with the required data is enough

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buy and sell section
This section will be concerned with buy and sell. It was announced HERE

You can sell anything you have (hardware, software, laptops, smartphones......), EXCEPT Giveaway applications and GAMES

The trusted reseller can offer his services in one or separate topics. The software licenses must be legal

If you are interested , start your own topic about the things you will start to sell. The staff will first approve your req