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Microsoft warns enterprises to upgrade to Windows 10 or be left behind
Windows 10 is needed to leverage any new chipsets from the likes of Intel, AMD, and Qualcomm

Microsoft is in a difficult position at the moment. The company needs Windows 10 to take off, both to meet their goal of a billion Windows 10 users and thus solidify their place in the market and to avoid negative press around Windows 10 adoption rates. Microsoft wants to talk about how 200 million people have installed Windows 10 in a little over five months, not how enterprises are putting
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BitPay Bitcoin Processor Warns Against New Coinbitclip Trojan
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BitPay, one of the top Bitcoin payment processors, has published a public service announcement regarding a new emerging threat named Coinbitclip.
Discovered at the start of February, [url=https://www.symantec.com/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2016-02
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FBI Warns Farmers About the Dangers of Hackable IoT Farm Equipment
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Farmers who employ Internet-connected and precision farming equipment should be very mindful of the way they configure their devices, the FBI warned in a public statement advisory at the end of March.

The Bureau, together with the US Department of Agriculture (USDA), issued the note on March 31, as an alert to the growing threat of IoT security.

The FB
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At the end of April, the FBI issued a public alert regarding KeySweeper, a piece of custom hardware created by security researcher Samy Kamkar as a proof-of-concept project, capable of stealing keystrokes from wireless Microsoft keyboards by intercepting nearby radio signals and decrypting the keyboard's protocol.

Link [url=http://news.softpedia.com/news/fbi-warns-against-wireless-keystroke-loggers-disguised-as-usb-chargers-504435.shtml?utm_content=bufferb7856&utm_medium=social&utm_source=fac
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Microsoft warns Windows 7 can no longer keep up with the increased security needs
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One of the most successful operating systems approaches gradually the [color=#337ab7]end of its lifecycle : In three years of extended support of Windows 7 is running out permanently. This means for all customers with Windows 7 PCs that from January 14, 2020 there will be no security updates, updates
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Yandex (Browser) Warns About Infected Websites
https://yandex.com/company/technologies/...echnology/  Yandex Warns About Infected Websites

The majority of Yandex’s search results are links to various web resources. Some of these websites may contain malicious software potentially harmful to the user’s computer. Visiting an infected site may lead to personal information being stolen, valuable data deleted, or the user’s computer used without their knowledge.
From May 2009, Yandex has been checking indexed web pages and alerting us
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Putin warns of global 'chaos' after U.S.-led strike on Syria
https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/putin...ia-n866151        Putin warns of global 'chaos' after U.S.-led strike on Syria
Putin says that "if such actions continue in violation of the UN Charter, this will inevitably lead to chaos in international relations."
by Phil McCausland / Apr.15.2018 / 6:50 PM ET / Updated Apr.15.2018 / 8:46 PM ET

A Syrian soldier records damage at the Syrian Scientific Research Center on Saturday after U.S., British and Fre
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FTC Warns of Netflix Phishing Scam Making Rounds
[quote]The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is warning of a new phishing scam reeling in Netflix customers and stealing their payment information.

According to a post published by the FTC, Wednesday, the spotted scam purports to be an email from Netflix. The email claims that the victim’s account was put on hold due to billing issues, and asks the victim to update their payment method.

“Police in Ohio shared a screenshot of a phishing email designed to steal personal information,” said Colle
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German Cybersecurity Agency Warns of Security Flaw in Kaspersky Antivirus

German Cybersecurity Agency Warns of Security Flaw in Kaspersky Antivirus
Official patch already available since mid-April
May 13, 2019 09:37 GMT  ·  By Bogdan Popa  ·          
Kaspersky has already released a patch in April

German cybersecurity agency BSI issued a warning concerning a security flaw in Kaspersky antivirus, recommending users to install the
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Microsoft warns of major WannaCry-like Windows security exploit, releases XP patches
[quote]Windows 10 and Windows 8 are safe

Microsoft is warning users of older versions of Windows to urgently apply a Windows Update today to protect against a potential widespread attack. The software giant has patched a critical remote code execution vulnerability in Remote Desktop Services that exists in Windows XP, Windows 7, and server versions like Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2, and Windows Server 2008. Microsoft is taking the highly unusual approach of releas