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What software you were using?
Well as the title indicate I would like to find out more regarding what kind of software that you all were using to perform various task such as video editing and so on. Hopefully with this user may find out what is missing for them and discover useful software which they might have not known. Well here my software build for my Window 7 Enterprise 32-Bit pc where most of the paid software obtained from various giveaway.

Antivirus: [url=https://www.malwarebytes.org/antimalware/premium/]Malware
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Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet and what do you think?
Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet and what do you think of it? Cast your vote in the poll, and be sure to let us know more about why you have or haven't upgraded and what you think in the comments below!
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What Security Software Are You Currently Running?
What Security Software are you currently running on your computer?

Have you had any success or horror stories, we would love to hear them. Cast your vote in the poll and leave us your tales, feedback and comments below.
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What's the best free antivirus in the world?
Hi all dear Promo2day members,

Do you think what the best free antivirus is in the world? What brand of antivirus do you use if let you choose?

Now I'm using avast free antivirus. Any good advice for choosing free antivirus? Thanks in advance.

Best regards,
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What's the best Windows 10 web browser? The benchmarks are in
Quote:In our tests of Chrome, Edge, Firefox, IE and Opera, the worst web browser for Windows 10 was easy to spot: Internet Explorer 11. But the best choice? That depends.

Quote: On earlier versions of Windows, the best browser you can run today is clearly Google Chrome. But, what about Windows 10? There, it's a different story.

With Windows 10, you have another choice: Microsoft's replacement for Internet Explorer (IE), Edge. For now Edge is only available on Wi
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Pay What You Want: Business Design Bundle
Work Less, Design Better. 500+ Premium Design Assets, You Choose the Price!

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Pay What You Want: Web Hacker Bundle
Become a Bona Fide Coder with This Complete, Front-to-Back, 73+ Hour Developer Training

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What a Modern Version of Windows 10’s File Explorer Could Look Like
Concept designer envisions new version of File Explorer

File Explorer is one of the default apps that received only small changes in Windows 10, despite the avalanche of feature requests coming from users participating in the Insider program.

But while Microsoft doesn’t seem to be very keen on overhauling File Explorer, concept designers across the world put their imagination at work and create modern versions of the app that could help the company figu
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What would you do if you lost everything?
World Backup Day:

[Video: https://vimeo.com/97489098#at=69]
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What is the meaning of your Name (Numerology )