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You could WIN a Diamond GameCaster GC2000 HD 1080P Game Capture
You could WIN a Diamond GameCaster GC2000 HD 1080P Game Capture

Enter here:


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Everything You Need to Know About Dropbox
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What software you were using?
Well as the title indicate I would like to find out more regarding what kind of software that you all were using to perform various task such as video editing and so on. Hopefully with this user may find out what is missing for them and discover useful software which they might have not known. Well here my software build for my Window 7 Enterprise 32-Bit pc where most of the paid software obtained from various giveaway.

Antivirus: [url=https://www.malwarebytes.org/antimalware/premium/]Malware
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Happy birthday to you kumarsonia!
I saw our forum tips that today is our member kumarsonia's birthday! So happy birthday kumarsonia!
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Did you buy Raven's Cry? Sign this form to get re-release for free
[quote]Did you buy Raven's Cry back in January? I'm sorry; I'm so, so sorry. The word on the pirate grapevine (that's a thing) is that Raven's Cry is a hot, sticky mess. (Have a read of the Steam reviews if you don't believe me.) Although it was delayed more times than I've had tepid, unappetising dinners, Raven's Cry obviously wasn't finished when it belly flopped onto land at the start of the year—which might be why it's being renamed, rejigged and re-released. Developer Reality Pump has descr
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Fake and Malicious "Deferred message" or "You Have Deferred Notification"
[Image: http://i65.tinypic.com/iwk5xc.jpg]

[size=large]Cyber-criminals are sending out fake email messages which appear as if they were sent by Google or YouTube with malicious links. I got one of these today and read the  malicious links will take the recipients who have clicked on the links to phishing websites created by cyber-criminals to steal their personal and financial information. The recipients may also be taken to malicious websites where they will be tricked into downloading an
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Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet and what do you think?
Have you upgraded to Windows 10 yet and what do you think of it? Cast your vote in the poll, and be sure to let us know more about why you have or haven't upgraded and what you think in the comments below!
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What Security Software Are You Currently Running?
What Security Software are you currently running on your computer?

Have you had any success or horror stories, we would love to hear them. Cast your vote in the poll and leave us your tales, feedback and comments below.
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Would you like to WIN 10,000 weeks of UnoTelly? (be quick)
WILL you will win 10,000 weeks of UnoTelly?

Are we giving away 1 week of UnoTelly? 100 weeks? 10,000 weeks? YOU DECIDE!

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You Will Soon Be Able to Control Your Home with Windows 10
If you've ever predicted that Cortana might be able to control your entire home, and you'll simply have everything around you work with voice commands, you sir might be a fortune teller.

Because that's what Microsoft is very close to doing with Windows 10, Cortana, and its IoT push, as the company has recently joined forces with Samsung for what could be revolutionary home technology.

At CES 2015, Samsung and Microsoft demonstrated how the two companies are supporting the IoT effort